Will Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. Get National TV Coverage During State Of Union Speech?

One of the sideshows to every State of the Union address is which members of Congress get there early so to get an aisle seat allowing for national TV exposure as the President walks up the aisle.

This has been one of my little trivia teasers with friends and winds up with me poking fun at Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. who seems never to miss his chance for a moment in front of a camera.  In fairness Jackson is not alone, and another one I love tons, Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee is not far behind in the number of speeches where she captures a prime seat.

In February 2009 I wrote, in part, the following.

Over and over, speech after speech, Jackson shows up early to get his prime location for these occasions.  As Obama walked up the center aisle of the House of Representatives there was the outstretched hand of the Illinois Congressman to greet him.  With a hand shake and fond words from Jackson one would think that might be enough.  But no.  That was only for the entrance of the President.  After the speech was over, and be mindful there are 535 members of the body that also might want to get a memory of this historical night, Jackson had his hand out again.  After a hug and ‘love you’ from Jackson comes two copies of the printed speech for the President to sign.  I hope they were for two other members of Congress that got elbowed out of the way for the publicity-crazed Jackson.

Needless to say I will be watching the speech tonight, and I strongly suspect it will not be hard to spot the Illinois Democrat.

2 thoughts on “Will Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. Get National TV Coverage During State Of Union Speech?

  1. screwyou

    I swear, do you have an opinion on everything? So much so that you can go back and pull old crap out of your blog to make a point about today’s news? Leave Jackson alone!

  2. Well yeah I do have lots of opinions…..and that seems to be the requirement for a blogger……that I read a lot and know a fair amount about what I write on allows for the number of readers that come my way.

    You being one of them.

    I do not make Jackson’s seating habits for him at these speeches. I just watch and write about them.

    Really who should you be upset with here?

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