Congratulations Jay Carney, New White House Press Secretary

On behalf of those who love politics and value the role of the working press and journalists in this nation and around the globe, let me be among those who offer a sincere congratulations to Jay Carney at being named White House Press Secretary.

I am serious when I say that the next best job in the White House after that of president, is press secretary.  It is a role I would love to have had the chance to perform.

Watching the press secretary operate at the daily briefing is like seeing a talented dancer balance and pivot from note to note.  It is a job that requires lots of background and gravitas, along with an appreciation for the members of the working press.

To hear this afternoon that Jay Carney is about to be announced as the new White House Press Secretary makes me very pleased.  As a long time admirer of Carney as a journalist I am confident that he has the tone, sophistication, and skills to balance the needs of the White House with the obvious needs of the press.

That Carney will not be an advisor to President Obama means he will be viewed by the press as more of a credible voice.  (I personally had misgivings about Gibb’s double role in the White House.) I suspect and hope the press will have more timely information from Carney when they seek it out.  After all, Carney knows how it feels on the flip side of the press podium.

That a journalist of such respect takes over the role from Robert Gibbs makes me aware of how serious the White House press operation is of making sure a most credible person stands daily behind the podium.

Jay Carney’s many years at Time magazine, along with his experience on various news shows over the years explaining issues, and offering perspective on politics allows me full confidence that he is the person for the job.

On my bookshelves I have copies of books written by various White House Press Secretaries.  Sadly, all have not offered their accounts of their tenure in the role of a lifetime.  I think we all would have loved to have had an inside perspective from Ron Ziegler.  Of those that did write I found Ron Nesson the best read.

With what I know of Jay Carney I hope someday in the future his book will sit aside the others.

Now lets call the press briefing!

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