BREAKING: King Abdullah II In Jordan Fires Cabinet And Prime Minister

The Middle East is changing.

King Abdullah II of Jordan bowed to his subjects’ demands today and sacked his much-hated prime minister and Cabinet. The king has asked Marouf Bakhit — a conservative former premier with a military background — to form a new government.

Abdullah, a close U.S. ally, has come under intense pressure since demonstrations in Egypt and the toppling of the Tunisian regime last month, which inspired a loose coalition of Islamists, secular opposition groups and retired army officials to take to the streets and call for radical economic and political reforms.

Jordan's King Kicks Out Government After Protests 

Demonstrators protested against rising food and fuel prices, rampant corruption and growing unemployment and poverty rates — which sit at 12 percent and 25 percent respectively. About 70 percent of  out-of-work Jordanians are under age 31.

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