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Kids And Violence

February 5, 2011

James and I were out shopping  in a store that sold lots of various models of televisions.  Many of the TV’s for sale were showing an old Packer football game.   I think it was a repeat of the Chicago Bears game from a couple of weeks ago.

Two boys about 8-9 years of age were watching not far from where I was standing. At one point a tackle clearly had taken place. ( I was not watching the TV screens but looking at some other gadgets.)  One of the kids watching the game yelled, “Yeah, slam him to the ground!”

“Slam” just hit me as a real strong word from a kid about a mere football game.

It struck me both in terms of the word usage, but also the tone of his voice as way beyond what a kid his age should be feeling about a mere tackle in a football game.   If this is the tone and style of speech for a football game on TV what happens when the kid is agitated or angry?

Maybe I am too far removed from youth, (am 48) and maybe kids are far more aggressive these days.   But as James and I talked about it later we both felt it was the type of discourse that gets used around the home where this kid grows up that may be a large factor.

That there is too much violence from video games, movies, sports at times, and even from parents makes me concerned about the types of youngsters that we have to deal with in society.

I certainly feel that it takes a village to raise a child. 

Might it be time for the  ‘village’ to start weighing in more with the biological parents?

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  1. Patrick permalink
    February 5, 2011 5:17 PM

    Everytime the village starts to weigh in, the left tells them to back off.

    “Slam” might just be an example of a child with slightly better vocabulary. As a child my friends and I played violent games all the time; we threw showballs and mudballs and rocks; we tackled and wrestled. We were boys.

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