Pittsburgh Steelers….What Are The Odds?

Recently I was commenting on this blog about Jay Carney, the new White House Press Secretary.  At that time I mentioned that of those former press secretaries who had served a president, and then wrote a book, that  Ron Nesson produced the best read.  

This weekend I wanted something different to read so I again pulled off the shelves Nesson’s book about his time as press secretary to President Ford.  “It Sure Looks Different From The Inside” was fun the first time, and has provided a quick and enjoyable trip back in time.

But it was on page 82 that I had to smile.

“Why waiting for the changes to be typed, Ford, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Greenspan and I went up to the president’s residence on the second floor of the White House to watch the Super Bowl game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Minnesota Vikings on TV.”

What are the odds that of all the books I could have pulled off my shelves to read would be the one that talked about another Super Bowl, and the powerful Pittsburgh Steelers on this weekend when they will again tangle for top honors?

Sheldon, from  CBS’s “The Big Bang”, would do the math to find out!  Love him, and the show.

By the way, the Steelers won that game in 1975 by a score of 16-6.

For those readers who got this far and thought they were going to read something about today’s football game…….welcome to my blog as first time visitors.  I really do not write about sports here.

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