Getting To Know Dekerivers Behind Caffeinated Politics

Dane 101 has again asked bloggers in the area to answer a few questions so the community can get to know the person behind the words.    This week Jesse Russell posted my answers to some questions.  Dane 1o1 is one of the first three sites I read every morning in an effort to get a handle on the day.

Below I offer two of my responses and let readers see the rest at Dane 101.

4. Describe the space you do your writing in.

I blog out of my isthmus home in an office space with a large Victorian window to my right. A catalpa tree offers me grand blooms in spring, and a place for squirrels to play every day. I have one of those old globes on my desk that still shows the Soviet Union and Southern Rhodesia. On my desk shelves are many reference works including, “The Encyclopedia of Espionage.” I like to think I have all my bases covered when it comes to looking up information. I am surrounded by book shelves, and there is a relaxing quality to the over-stuffed space. My mom’s photo looks over my shoulder as I type. Best yet, my partner James has his desk and computer in the same room and so we share lots of smiles and back-and-forth.

9. Finally, name one person you wish kept a blog and what you think they would title it (can be living or dead).

Bishop Morlino “Under The Robes”. I think he is one of the most controversial, and also most newsworthy members of the clergy who can create a dust-up better than most. I do not agree with him but he does make for good copy.

One thought on “Getting To Know Dekerivers Behind Caffeinated Politics

  1. Purplepenquin

    Wong’s Garden is one of my favorite places as well. I was just in there tonite and informed Gha(?) of your kind words…needless to say, she was tickled. 🙂

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