Ron Paul Shows Racist Colors In Washington Hearing

Hat tip to James

This is not the first time I have posted on the truly ugly side of Congressman Ron Paul.  That Ron Paul is a despicable racist is without question.  That Paul is now allowed to showcase that racism from a leadership position in the Republican House of Representatives is maddening.

Ron Paul is chairman of a House subcommittee overseeing the Federal Reserve.  Anyone who has listened to Paul speak for five minutes about the Fed knows he should be on medication.  When you mention the Federal Reserve one can see the ‘black helicopters’ start to fly in the head of Ron Paul.

The problem is that Ron Paul has a problem with anything that is black.

Which leads me to the Civil War……and would you believe back to the hearing that Paul chaired.

Stick with me.

At one point, when Paul opened up the hearing to questions from committee members, Rep. Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) directly took on DiLorenzo for his membership in the League of the South, an organization that has been designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “neo-Confederate” hate group advocating for Southern secession.

Clay then rattled off a list of some of DiLorenzo’s articles, including “More Lies about the Civil War,” “In Defense of Sedition,” and “The First Dictator-President,” which examines “how Lincoln’s myth has corrupted America.”

“After reviewing your work and the so-called methods you employ, I still cannot understand you being invited to testify today on the unemployment crisis, but I do know that I have no questions for you,” Clay concluded.

 The reason a racist was called to testify is because there was a racist chairing the committee.   The League of the South called slavery “God-ordained” and described segregation as necessary to the racial “integrity”. 

There was no reason that DiLorenzo should have been at the congressional hearing to speak about job creation and the unemployment rate.  He claims to be an economist but instead is best known for his life’s work of rewriting the history of the Civil War and Lincoln’s role in it.  DiLorenzo was at the hearing to make a point about the volume of hate that we can come to expect with the vile Ron Paul in charge of this subcommittee.

Question is how will the GOP, who hopes to court more of the black vote, deal with the in-your-face racism of Ron Paul?

Zipper Problem Strikes Republican Congressman Chris Lee

Who, Me? Married?  Nooooooooo

Family Values Man

Hat tip to Rolf

Want to bet Chris Lee is opposed to gay marriage, thinking it will undermine all that is decent in America?  There is no vote that I can dig up tonight that places Lee on one side of the issue or the other.  But there are not too many conservatives standing on the correct side of history, and I strongly suspect Lee who voted  conservative most of the time on other issues did not break the mold when it came to his views about gay marriage.

So tonight I want to know one thing.

How is that marriage thing going for you, Chris?

I find this stuff so offensive when people like Chris Lee drag his wife and young son to campaign events for the ‘family values’ vote, and then he acts like a cad off the stage. 

Rep. Chris Lee of New York abruptly resigned Wednesday evening, hours after a gossip Web site reported that the married Republican had allegedly sent flirtatious e-mail messages and a shirtless photo of himself to a woman he met online.

Lee experienced his fall from grace in a single afternoon, undone at the speed of the digital age. At lunchtime Wednesday, he was an obscure but promising second-term congressman. Then, at 2:33 p.m., the Web site posted an alleged e-mail exchange between a man who used Lee’s name – but identified himself as a divorced lobbyist – and an unidentified woman. Gawker reported that the two had met through the personals section of Craigslist.

After that, the familiar cycles of a Washington sex scandal were compressed into a blur of tweets and news alerts. There was confusion, a hint of denial, then a pledge from Lee to “work it out” with his wife.

By 6 p.m., a clerk was announcing Lee’s resignation in the House chamber.

How To Tell Male From Female On Eagle Cam

If you are watching the eagle cam from time to time (link is located on right side of this blog) and wonder if a male or female eagle is in view…..well, here is tip or two to tell them apart.

It’s easier to see the differences when they are together on the nest. The female is larger. She has larger rear claw (hallux talon), bigger beak (the upper mandible is deeper and her mouth extends farther under the eye). Dad looks a bit darker than mom. Mom’s head has a more rounded looking where dad’s is flatter looking. The male, this year, has a dark feather on the top of his head and also his tail is more square looking while the female has a rounder look. The males beak is slightly darker than the female.

Stephen Fitzgerald “Looks Small”, Appointment Process “Smarmy”

When news broke on January 31st that Stephen Fitzgerald was in consideration to head  Wisconsin’s State Patrol I objected on the grounds that it would appear he was using his sons’ political positions to leverage himself a job that pays $105,678. 

After all, as I noted in my post “appearances matter”.    That is perhaps more so in politics than anywhere else.

We are now all aware of the news announced yesterday that the father of the Assembly Speaker, and the Senate Majority Leader will now head up the State Patrol.

No one can say this was just the right person with the proper resume getting a plum assignment at the right time. 

That pig ain’t gonna fly.

Today the Wisconsin State Journal pounced on the whole process that allowed for Stephen Fitzgerald to get the State Patrol job, even after his defeat in the fall election for Dodge County sheriff by a 2-to-1 margin.

Seems like the voters who knew Stephen Fitzgerald best summed up their feelings at the ballot box last year.

The State Journal termed this an “eye-rolling appointment”  and then added this.

No matter Stephen Fitzgerald’s qualifications, his appointment looks like a goodwill offering from Gov. Scott Walker to the top two lawmakers Walker will need on board with his budget and policy agendas. We hope we’re wrong.

But even if we are, the pick could unnecessarily inject distrust into a host of state decisions. For example, will the Fitzgerald brothers running the Legislature support the smart idea of merging the State Patrol and Capitol Police to save money and improve response times — something that’s been floated in the past — if it also meant it could cost their dad his job?

In January when I wrote about this matter I made a most correct assessment of the matter.

At age 68, and with a few feathers already in his hat, I suggest Stephen Fitzgerald not use his sons’ political positions to leverage himself a job.  It makes him look small, and it makes the process seem smarmy.

Appearances matter, and no matter how one dices this story it ends in the same way.  No one comes out looking good.

I was right.