Will Ultimate Photo-Op Of Space Station Be Taken?

We can only hope this will be in the works.  From CBS News.

Along with reviewing ground processing and external tank repairs, shuttle managers also are considering the possibility of staging what might be considered the ultimate photo op during Discovery’s mission to deliver critical supplies and a final U.S. module to the space station.

The idea is to have a Russian Soyuz spacecraft undock so its three-man crew can photograph the  station from a distance, showing the completed lab complex with the shuttle attached, along with Russian, European and Japanese cargo ships and crew capsules. Discovery’s mission represents the last time a shuttle and all current types of visiting spacecraft will be present at the station before the shuttle fleet is retired later this year.

But the plan would require Russian approval and cooperation and it’s not yet known if they will go along.

Three Eggs In Eagle Nest!

This will be fun!

Eagle Cam link on right side of blog.

The first egg was laid on February 3rd at 2:49pm; the second egg was laid on February 6th at 4:25pm. The third egg was laid on February 9th at 5:55pm. All times EST.

Congressman Chris Lee Had A Womanizing Problem

It seemed hard to fathom how news of the shirtless Congress Chris Lee could force a resignation within hours of the news breaking.  There had to be more to the story than a first time attempt to break his marriage vows.  Things do not evolve this quickly with a story of this type without more to report.

Now there is news that there indeed was more.

Accusations of inappropriate behavior involving women have trailed Chris Lee since he first ran for Congress in 2008, sources in both political parties said Thursday.

Politicians were continuing to grapple with Wednesday’s quick resignation by Lee after a website accused the married congressman of sending a picture of himself shirtless to a woman on Craigslist.

Several people contacted the campaign of Lee’s Democratic opponent in 2008, Alice J. Kryzan, to say they had firsthand knowledge of Lee cheating on, or attempting to cheat on, his wife, two sources with knowledge of the campaign said.

Kryzan decided against pursuing the accusations because she didn’t want to run a dirty campaign, the sources said.

Meanwhile, political sources from both parties in Washington confirmed that there long had been suspicions about Lee’s behavior. Lee was one of several lawmakers whom then-House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, R-Ohio — now speaker of the House — warned last year about partying with female lobbyists.

Boehner told Lee and several other junior lawmakers to “knock it off,” Politico.com reported.

President Mubarak Political Cartoons

To celebrate the downfall of a tyrant comes some great political cartoons.

As I Write The Sun Is Rising In Egypt

A lot of brave men and women who yearn for freedom are starting another day of hoping and fighting for a better Egypt. I wish more of the world would stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

The climate in Egypt is filled with more tension as this new day dawns than any that we have seen in the past few weeks.  That President Mubarak failed to meet his moment with history and step off the world stage on Thursday means the crisis has ratcheted up.  

Had Mubarak really cared about his people he would have stepped aside and let the process start that will eventually lead to elections and a new government.  That power and corruption have a stranglehold on Egypt is all too clear to see.   All can now understand much better why there is such seething hatred for Mubarak.

My view is that a certain segment of the Egyptian Army has weighed in and made a decision to stand with Mubarak as he is the one that greases their wallets.  How that translates into actions to curtail the protestors is what the coming hours may give more clarity to as the sun rises higher.

Friday prayers will give way to more protestors and tension than we have seen since this crisis started.  That blood may flow as a result of the Mubarak announcement Thursday seems more than likely.

Which would be very sad.

All along the protestors have been patient and have not resorted to violence.   Might it not then be Mubarak’s plan to incite the crowds to violence as a pretext to a violent crackdown by the army?  Might that have been the very reason for his speech Thursday?

Again, the sun is rising.

CNN is on…..the BBC is on…..the world is watching.

This is a sad world we live in when nations will not rise up and defend in the strongest terms possible those who wish to breathe freedom.

Couching behind diplomatic speak and timidity out of fear over the unknown is a horrible way to conduct foreign policy.  In this case, the wobbly knee crowd are fretting over the Muslim Brotherhood.

Might it not have occurred to these ‘thinkers’ that by not speaking truth  about Mubarak we are only strengthening the argument that the Brotherhood is making about the situation, and those in the world who are not standing with the protestors?