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Sample Letter To One Of Gov. Walker’s Contributors (Johnsonville)

February 17, 2011

Union members and concerned citizens of Wisconsin  need to hold accountable those who contributed heavily to Scott Walker’s campaign.  We should not give them our business if they can not now stand up and publicly denounce Walkers’ union busting bill.  

If these companies can not stand with state and public workers of this state, why should we buy their products?

Therefore here is a sample letter for one of Walker’s large contributors.  Feel free to use it and modify it for your use.

Dear Johnsonville,

I am writing to express my dismay at how your company has not come out four-square against the proposal of the Gov. Walker to strip WI workers of their right to collectively bargain for their wages and treatment in the workplace.  Knowing that you were a major contributor to his election campaign, I would rather expect that your opinions would count more than mine in his decision-making process.  We know how money is what gets you to the dance, shall we say.  Now that you are there, you really should be saying that for your money, we should be able to get basic fairness. 

I grew up in a state where there were no brats.  When I moved here and saw the first sign for a sale on Johnsonville brats, which are delicious, I thought to myself, “What a great way to get rid of troublesome children!”  This note is rather to inform you that I will no longer be purchasing brats made by your company, that is until I see that you have decided to come out against the politics of this governor, who you sponsored so heavily.


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  1. Solly permalink
    February 18, 2011 2:08 PM

    I work at the Hill Farms state office building, a block away from Metcalfe’s Sentry. I have spent thousands of dollars there since I started working on the west side in 1986. Will keep you advised if I hear from them, before I start leafletting the state office building.

    Dear Mr. Metcalfe,

    I understand you and your brother have donated thousands of dollars to Gov. Walker, and Jeff Stone, running to replace him as Milw. county exec. I also understand that you have donated to local Democrats. That is your right as an American and Wisconsin citizen.

    However, I’m sure that you are aware that Gov. Walker and Rep. Stone are engaged in an effort to unilaterally impose thousands of dollars of IMMEDIATE salary cuts on state workers. Several thousand of whom, work a block away from your Hilldale store.

    I urge you to IMMEDIATELY contact Gov. Walker and Rep. Stone, and any other republican legislators you know and tell them to stop, and negotiate.

    It would make no difference for me to do that, but you as a contributor can have an iffluence.

    You have a high quality store, operation, products, and as far as I know, you treat your employes well.

    You also have many state employes who provide high quality services to the people of this state. They have good benefits, in large part because they have foregone pay increases for the past several decades so that they can keep their pension and health benefits. Now, overnight, Gov. Walker is saying we can’t afford that, no negotiations.

    Please call him and say that is not the way to treat your customers. Please tell him that’s not the way you run an organization. I’d be happy to walk over some day and discuss this with you, before I start informing my fellow employes that you have enabled this administration to gain and abuse power.


    Rick Soletski


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