Tell Metcalfe Sentry Foods To Support State Workers, Not Gov. Walker

UPDATED..Here are the totals for Metcalfe dollars to Scott Walker.

It is time that we make contact with the campaign donors of Governor Scott Walker and let them know what we think of their support of a man without a college degree, who is now stripping state and public workers of their collective bargaining rights. 

Let Metcalfe Sentry Foods…who contributed $2,500.00 to Walker… know why we will boycott them unless they take a stand against Walker and his union busting bill.  There are many state workers, and retired workers who shop at the Hilldale location.  Unless Metcalfe does right by the workers why should we continue to support the store?
Here is how to do it.

Metcalfe Sentry Foods….

726 Midvale Blvd.
Madison, WI 53705
(608) 238-7612
Fax: (608) 236-2055
Email them through their content page here…..or  here’s the correct email address for Metcalfe Sentry at Hilldale

Let us not forget the Wauwatosa store, either!

Feel free to edit and use the following letter as well.

Dear Mr. Metcalfe,

I understand you and your brother have donated thousands of dollars to Gov. Walker, and Jeff Stone, running to replace him as Milw. county exec. I also understand that you have donated to local Democrats. That is your right as an American and Wisconsin citizen.

However, I’m sure that you are aware that Gov. Walker and Rep. Stone are engaged in an effort to unilaterally impose thousands of dollars of IMMEDIATE salary cuts on state workers. Several thousand of whom, work a block away from your Hilldale store.

I urge you to IMMEDIATELY contact Gov. Walker and Rep. Stone, and any other republican legislators you know and tell them to stop, and negotiate.

It would make no difference for me to do that, but you as a contributor can have an iffluence.

You have a high quality store, operation, products, and as far as I know, you treat your employes well.

You also have many state employes who provide high quality services to the people of this state. They have good benefits, in large part because they have foregone pay increases for the past several decades so that they can keep their pension and health benefits. Now, overnight, Gov. Walker is saying we can’t afford that, no negotiations.

Please call him and say that is not the way to treat your customers. Please tell him that’s not the way you run an organization. I’d be happy to walk over some day and discuss this with you, before I start informing my fellow employes that you have enabled this administration to gain and abuse power.


Also a reader send the following into this blog and I wish to add it here.

Tim Metcalfe
Metcalfe’s Sentry
726 N. Midvale Boulevard
Madison, WI
Dear Mr.  Metcalfe,
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me this evening about what Governor Walker is doing to many of your customers.   You stated that you and your company do not take political positions.  However, as I responded to you, you made a political statement when you donated hundreds of dollars to Scott Walker.   You noted the fact that you also have donated to local Democrats.  Having worked in politics for decades, I am aware that many business people contribute to both sides in order to buy influence.   This is your opportunity to cash in on your investment.  Call on Governor Walker to stop the union busting and hurting the retirement of hundreds of your customers.  I am attaching a link to the contact info for the Governor.


Teabaggers Threaten Wisconsin Senate Democrats

I was doing an on-line search concerning the news teabaggers have made threats to people and businesses in Illinois regarding Wisconsin Senate Democrats.  The 14 members of the senate are traveling out-of-state to deprive Republicans a quorum, and therefore the ability to pass an extreme anti-union bill.

While online I ran across this site…….and these comments.  Please be reminded that rocket science and teabaggers are two words that will never appear in the same sentence.  The anger among teabaggers is quite alarming….how could so many folks in this country have been potty-trained at gun point?

Up Date:




D-rats escape heading back to their hole ?

Wanted dead or alive… OK ALIVE….

BUT we all a Know that a dead Democrat can still vote !

Get the license number of the bus and publish that too. I bet the coil wire would just happen to “fall off” in the parking lot of the next stop that the cowards make.
TEA Party members in ILL (esp those in LE) this is your call to action MOUNT UP and GO GET THEM! I mean they are socialists they have to be breaking some kind of law its in their blood!
Enough is enough with the socialist party. These people are dangerous and a threat to the republic, IMO these people in their “delay” of the vote have agitated and escalated the situation at the capitol of WI. Furthermore their actions are in fact setting a new BAD precedent that we will see events like this repeat over and over again throughout the nation by radical elected socialists.  

The Wisconsin legislative RATS just bought-en their demise…

Wisconsin Democrats are now refugees, maybe they should go back to there mother country of Russia.

I Would Give Gas Money To Wisconsin Senate Democrats, If I Could

The tactic being used by Democratic members of the Wisconsin State Senate is proper and useful.

There are those who will try to paint the Democratic Senators who left the state as unprofessional or acting like children.  In fact, the tactic being used deprives the Republicans the needed number for a quorum in order to marshal through the bill that curtails collective bargaining with state and public employees.  

It was the Republicans who thought in less than a week a major revision of labor law should take place in Wisconsin.  They felt all should just agree readily to the extreme measure without regard to the best interests of the state.

Each of the Senate Democrats that traveled out-of-state are doing far more good than those Republicans who are steaming mad that their plot has not moved according to plan.  After all, this will keep Club For Growth needing to pump money into the state for ad buys in an attempt to try to convince people collective bargaining is somehow sinister.  With more money needed for those  ads some corporate CEO is being deprived another round of martinis at lunch.

Meanwhile Democrats know that the longer the people in Wisconsin have a chance to see the bill and understand the gravity of the situation should it become law the better chance the state has of surviving Governor Walker.

That is what this is all about.

Governor Walker is an arrogant, smug, cock-sure politician who can make himself look good on television.  But he should never be able to take his high school degree and undermine the entire state’s long and progressive history of labor law.

That is why, if I could, I would send gas money to the Democratic members of the State Senate.

I know that even on the road they doing the work for the folks in Wisconsin.

Is Speaker Boehner Thinking Of Shutting Down Government?

Another nuclear option to be used by Republicans?

The specter of a government shutdown grew exponentially Thursday when House Speaker John Boehner drew a hard line on government spending, promising to accept not even a temporary government-funding extension that doesn’t include serious cuts.

The move triggered an immediate and fierce response from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who ramped up a cross-chamber fight Democrats have been waging against House Republicans for weeks over whether the GOP spending-cut demands could culminate in a shutdown on March 4, the date the government runs out of money.

The firestorm was set off on Thursday when Boehner said he was “not going to move any kind of short-term [spending bill] at current levels.”

“When we say we’re going to cut spending, read my lips: we’re going to cut spending,” Boehner declared to reporters in the Capitol.

House Republicans are walking a fine-line of sticking to their guns on spending cuts, while risking a political backlash if Senate Democrats successfully pin any government shutdown on their unwillingness to compromise.

For now, Republicans are positioning themselves with a clear message to Reid and the White House: take our bill cutting current funding levels by more than $60 billion, or agree to some other cut in the short term, or risk a government shutdown.