I Would Give Gas Money To Wisconsin Senate Democrats, If I Could

The tactic being used by Democratic members of the Wisconsin State Senate is proper and useful.

There are those who will try to paint the Democratic Senators who left the state as unprofessional or acting like children.  In fact, the tactic being used deprives the Republicans the needed number for a quorum in order to marshal through the bill that curtails collective bargaining with state and public employees.  

It was the Republicans who thought in less than a week a major revision of labor law should take place in Wisconsin.  They felt all should just agree readily to the extreme measure without regard to the best interests of the state.

Each of the Senate Democrats that traveled out-of-state are doing far more good than those Republicans who are steaming mad that their plot has not moved according to plan.  After all, this will keep Club For Growth needing to pump money into the state for ad buys in an attempt to try to convince people collective bargaining is somehow sinister.  With more money needed for those  ads some corporate CEO is being deprived another round of martinis at lunch.

Meanwhile Democrats know that the longer the people in Wisconsin have a chance to see the bill and understand the gravity of the situation should it become law the better chance the state has of surviving Governor Walker.

That is what this is all about.

Governor Walker is an arrogant, smug, cock-sure politician who can make himself look good on television.  But he should never be able to take his high school degree and undermine the entire state’s long and progressive history of labor law.

That is why, if I could, I would send gas money to the Democratic members of the State Senate.

I know that even on the road they doing the work for the folks in Wisconsin.

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