Is Speaker Boehner Thinking Of Shutting Down Government?

Another nuclear option to be used by Republicans?

The specter of a government shutdown grew exponentially Thursday when House Speaker John Boehner drew a hard line on government spending, promising to accept not even a temporary government-funding extension that doesn’t include serious cuts.

The move triggered an immediate and fierce response from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who ramped up a cross-chamber fight Democrats have been waging against House Republicans for weeks over whether the GOP spending-cut demands could culminate in a shutdown on March 4, the date the government runs out of money.

The firestorm was set off on Thursday when Boehner said he was “not going to move any kind of short-term [spending bill] at current levels.”

“When we say we’re going to cut spending, read my lips: we’re going to cut spending,” Boehner declared to reporters in the Capitol.

House Republicans are walking a fine-line of sticking to their guns on spending cuts, while risking a political backlash if Senate Democrats successfully pin any government shutdown on their unwillingness to compromise.

For now, Republicans are positioning themselves with a clear message to Reid and the White House: take our bill cutting current funding levels by more than $60 billion, or agree to some other cut in the short term, or risk a government shutdown.

2 thoughts on “Is Speaker Boehner Thinking Of Shutting Down Government?

  1. Sharon Jolly Rogers

    If the money is not there it is not there. In that case I would say the government has been stealing from the people that have been paying in to Social Security for some of them as much as 50 years.The only ones that should dip into that fund is the ones that are elderly and have been paying into it and should recieve !!!!!. Please dont stop the pay for our arm forces!!!!! Our president should go after the many countries that have owned us money that we have so kindly lent for so many years. If this is not “theater”then please go after these countries.We well have to take a cut including our congress and house in pay. Many of our founding father sure did Morris and many other lost every thing for this country-pennieless! So whats a little cut in salery!But if there is truly no money in the coffer then I guess they dont get paid either-and our President!!

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