Tell Metcalfe Sentry Foods To Support State Workers, Not Gov. Walker

UPDATED..Here are the totals for Metcalfe dollars to Scott Walker.

It is time that we make contact with the campaign donors of Governor Scott Walker and let them know what we think of their support of a man without a college degree, who is now stripping state and public workers of their collective bargaining rights. 

Let Metcalfe Sentry Foods…who contributed $2,500.00 to Walker… know why we will boycott them unless they take a stand against Walker and his union busting bill.  There are many state workers, and retired workers who shop at the Hilldale location.  Unless Metcalfe does right by the workers why should we continue to support the store?
Here is how to do it.

Metcalfe Sentry Foods….

726 Midvale Blvd.
Madison, WI 53705
(608) 238-7612
Fax: (608) 236-2055
Email them through their content page here…..or  here’s the correct email address for Metcalfe Sentry at Hilldale

Let us not forget the Wauwatosa store, either!

Feel free to edit and use the following letter as well.

Dear Mr. Metcalfe,

I understand you and your brother have donated thousands of dollars to Gov. Walker, and Jeff Stone, running to replace him as Milw. county exec. I also understand that you have donated to local Democrats. That is your right as an American and Wisconsin citizen.

However, I’m sure that you are aware that Gov. Walker and Rep. Stone are engaged in an effort to unilaterally impose thousands of dollars of IMMEDIATE salary cuts on state workers. Several thousand of whom, work a block away from your Hilldale store.

I urge you to IMMEDIATELY contact Gov. Walker and Rep. Stone, and any other republican legislators you know and tell them to stop, and negotiate.

It would make no difference for me to do that, but you as a contributor can have an iffluence.

You have a high quality store, operation, products, and as far as I know, you treat your employes well.

You also have many state employes who provide high quality services to the people of this state. They have good benefits, in large part because they have foregone pay increases for the past several decades so that they can keep their pension and health benefits. Now, overnight, Gov. Walker is saying we can’t afford that, no negotiations.

Please call him and say that is not the way to treat your customers. Please tell him that’s not the way you run an organization. I’d be happy to walk over some day and discuss this with you, before I start informing my fellow employes that you have enabled this administration to gain and abuse power.


Also a reader send the following into this blog and I wish to add it here.

Tim Metcalfe
Metcalfe’s Sentry
726 N. Midvale Boulevard
Madison, WI
Dear Mr.  Metcalfe,
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me this evening about what Governor Walker is doing to many of your customers.   You stated that you and your company do not take political positions.  However, as I responded to you, you made a political statement when you donated hundreds of dollars to Scott Walker.   You noted the fact that you also have donated to local Democrats.  Having worked in politics for decades, I am aware that many business people contribute to both sides in order to buy influence.   This is your opportunity to cash in on your investment.  Call on Governor Walker to stop the union busting and hurting the retirement of hundreds of your customers.  I am attaching a link to the contact info for the Governor.


18 thoughts on “Tell Metcalfe Sentry Foods To Support State Workers, Not Gov. Walker

  1. Solly

    they’ve donated more than that, brothers kevin and tim. and have aslo donated to jeff stone, standing behind Gov. Mubarak like a gargoyle at the “news” conferences and running to replace SDubya at Milw. county exec.

    they’ve also donated to local dems. I’ve asked them, since Dubya thinks I should have no negotiating rights or voice as a state worker, to contact him as a contributor, and tell them that this is no way to treat his customers, state workers!

    it’s their right to make political donations, now it’s their duty to stand up for their customers, or suffer when as of a month from now, they have several thousand less dollars to spend on their groceries.

    Ironic thing is that Sentry is a little higher to shop at, but they have high quality products, service and employes, kinda like the State of Wisconsin employes……….can the Metcalfes make that connection?????

  2. Solly

    I’ve found out, the republican legislators don’t like the protesters to know who they are. My partner saw Steve Kestell from Sheboygan walking out of the capitol last night and said “Steve, can I talk to you why are you busting the unions???. He replied, while accompanied by an aide, “get away from me, far away from me.” I hollered after him “Union Buster!!!!
    Dan also saw Dean Kaufert, and Lee Nerison and asked why they they were union busters. Kaufert, who is normally a moderate gave a half ass reply, but Nerison and his companion, seemed genuinely shaken said he hadn’t decided how he was going to vote. Point is the union busters don’t like to be identified as such.

    tonite, robin voss and scott suder took offense too. Scott Suder, who had a ghost job unde scott jensen, a no show job, so he could get on insurance and salary between when he was elected and took office! Robin Voss who said on MSNBC said he was open to discussion, I guess that’s why he closed the Joint Finance hearing because “he heard it all”

    so, those of you who know what the players are, bring signs with an arrow that say “union busters” and let the citizens know who they are. they don’t like the sunlight!!!!

  3. CommonCents

    Don’t let the fact that the Metcalfes sponsor Brat Days to give money to charity stop you from a contacting them or boycotting their stores or Brat Days. You don’t need Brat Days, you can write your own check to charity rather than funneling it through people who support union busters!

  4. snakedragon

    Do your homework! The head of your union makes an annual salary greater than the Governor! Your union pays 2 X greator to the Dems! This new Gov/House and Sen. has only been in office 3 weeks, the tax credit does not go into effect till next budget! I’m 1500 miles away and I have done mt homework! Do yours and get beack to do what you were hired for, teach the children!

  5. Quinn

    Solly has:

    “kinda like the State of Wisconsin employes……….”

    …not employeEs.

    But when snakedragon accidentally has one in as a typo, you are all over it with your viper’s wit.

  6. Solly

    Reply to Quinn
    #1 Pull head out of ass
    #2 employe, from merriam webster dictionary
    em·ploy·ee noun
    \im-ˌplȯ(i)-ˈē, (ˌ)em-; im-ˈplȯ(i)-ˌē, em-\
    Definition of EMPLOYEE
    : one employed by another usually for wages or salary and in a position below the executive level
    See employee defined for English-language learners »
    Variants of EMPLOYEE
    em·ploy·ee also em·ploye \im-ˌplȯ(i)-ˈē, (ˌ)em-; im-ˈplȯ(i)-ˌē, em-\
    Examples of EMPLOYEE
    A good boss listens to his employees.
    The company has more than 2,000 employees worldwide.
    I can’t highlight or bold on my comment, so see variants – so that you don’t miss the point

    no chance anyone uses wit to describe you Quinn, unless there’s a nit in front

    was yer teechers on strike for twulve yeers when you was in school Quinn? glad they wasn’t given them pay raises based on your results on comprehension on tests 🙂

  7. Shawn

    Nice one, Quinn. I did not notice that when I first read it.

    Hey Solly, you still used it out of context. Just goes to show that a Wisconsin teacher can teach you to read, but can’t teach you reading comprehension. Besides, I’m sure that Quinn went to a normal school where they had 13 years of school. What about you, Solly — did it take you 12 to accomplish the 6 grades that they offered at your one room schoolhouse behind the local tavern?

  8. Solly

    Sentry has high quality products, service and employes, kinda like the State of Wisconsin employes (and the services and products they provide)
    Does that spell it out for you Shawn? Otherwise I don’t know what you’re referring to. I copied and pasted the examples from dictionary. Is that it?

    By the way, I attended a four room parochial school. Why do you hate God?

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