Madison Tea Party Protestor Should Thank Unions

Just when I thought there were no more amusing signs to be seen from the past week of union protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol came one my way in the newspaper.  There it was blazing across the front page, above the fold, in the Sunday edition of the Wisconsin State Journal.

A 40-ish looking man with a sign that read “We Protest On Saturdays-To Busy Working M-F Paying For Union Greed.”  The photo was taken Saturday when less than 3,000 Tea Party members came to protest unions on the Madison isthmus.

Well, how about that!

I guess he told us!

Problem is this man is not connected to history of  the labor movement.  It is because of unions, and because of the men and women that he protested against, that he was able to be off on the weekend in the first place!

Who does he think brought the weekend into being?

Corporate America?

The need for education in this land is great.  I have stated that over and over on CP.  But this past week has again demonstrated that those who need it the most are the ones that never want to listen and learn.

World Buying Ian’s Pizza For Madison Capitol Union Protestors

With all the news that is coming out of Madison, the city that is showing America how it is done!….comes this remarkable story.

Protesters in Madison are getting support from near and far, whether it’s the offer of a couch to crash on near the Capitol or Ian’s Pizza ordered from around the country.

As of Friday, more than 200 people had been invited to a Facebook event aimed at finding out-of-town protesters a place to sleep. Capitol-area residents offer couches, sleeping bags and even floor space on the page, which is “in support of all American workers!” It can be found at

And staff at Ian’s Pizza one block west of the Capitol said Friday a couple dozen of their pies have gone to protesters — purchased by supporters from coast to coast.  (In Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal comes word that Egypt, Korea, and Canada were some of the places around the globe the pizza orders were being taken from in a way to help the protestors.)

People have called in orders from New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Illinois, Arizona and California, said Nick Stratman, a manager at Ian’s. 

Brendan Wilson, another manager, said a call came in Thursday night from someone in San Francisco who ordered $300 worth of pizza.

For the out-of-state orders, which began Tuesday, Stratman said the restaurant takes the first name and location of the person placing the order so employees delivering the pizzas can announce to hungry protesters who and where they’re from. They’ve been received “very well,” Stratman said.

Madison Doctor Should Not Have Been Writing “Sick Notes” At Union Rally

It is important that union members fight Governor Walker over his anti-union bill.  In that fight we should not do things that are clearly inappropriate, or things that when brought to light will distract from our goals.  But that is, unfortunately, what one Wisconsin doctor did to us on Saturday.

Last evening on a local Madison television newscast ( WMSN-TV 47) it was reported that Doctor K. Oriel, a UW health family physician was writing ‘sick notes’ for teachers.  At the time I had no idea if the person was indeed a doctor, or a political plant designed to make trouble.  Now I know this morning that in fact she is a real Madison doctor. 

While I have no problem with teachers closing down the schools to protest, and in fact have supported them and will continue to do so, I have many concerns about Dr K. Oriel, or any other physician that would write notes of this type on the street for anyone.

I think it appropriate to ask, what diagnosis she used, will she electronically chart this information, and was she using authorized release forms.  In this day and age of malpractice, electronic charting, and HIPAA,  I think this borders on a huge problem.  I also think there are ethical lapses to this as well.

Look…many if not most of the citizens in Madison are with the state and public employees in this fight against Walker’s assault on unions.  We have every right, and I think a duty, to stand up for the labor laws and proud history of this state.  But I think we need to be mindful of not doing stupid stunts in the name of solidarity.

What Doctor Oriel did was stupid.

And it is hurtful to the union cause.

For those who might suggest that bringing this story to light on a liberal blog makes me the bad guy…..well….you must be a first time reader….as I call them as I see them on CP.