State Representative Brett Hulsey, My Type Of Democrat

I knew last fall when I threw my support to Brett Hulsey that it was being placed on the shoulders of someone who would step up and show spine when it came to the issues that matter to workers of  Wisconsin.  I strongly felt that Hulsey had demonstrated leadership which would make him an important part of the Wisconsin Legislature.  At that time however, I could never have predicted what was to happen at the Madison Capitol, or  how proud Hulsey would make me once he was elected.

This evening while watching local news I was pleased to see that Hulsey rose to the occasion…literally….to advocate for the truth when it comes to Governor Walker and the Republican desire to end collective bargaining for state and public employees. 

Following a press availability by Governor Walker, who again made his pitch just in time for the local newscasts as to why he wants to destroy collective bargaining,  Hulsey marched to the podium in front of the assembled reporters and gave some pointed remarks.

Hulsey called the governor a dictator, not a leader, and said this budget bill is about union busting, not about balancing the budget.   The budget numbers from the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau underscore the words from this freshman Democrat.

“The budget despair bill that we have right now, according to our non-partisan fiscal bureau does not have to happen. We do not have a budget emergency in this state except the one that he is creating by creating union busting,” said Hulsey. 

It is important that the Republican lies created and retold about the state budget not be allowed to just linger.  They need to be stripped bare and cast out into the bright lights of media scrutiny.  That is exactly what Representative  Hulsey did tonight…..right in the Governor’s Office!

Over the decades I have thrown my support to scores of candidates, but I can say tonight that few have lived up to the ideal of what leadership means.  Taking the initiative and pounding home the truth, even in unorthodox ways, places Brett  Hulsey head and shoulders above what passes too often for Democratic leadership.

We can only hope that what Brett Hulsey has unleashed in Madison will be emulated by others, and even make its way to Washington.

We need more Democrats to stand up and pound home the truth!

Thank you Representative Husley!

5 thoughts on “State Representative Brett Hulsey, My Type Of Democrat

  1. Ralph

    When is everyone going to be adults about all this? Then again, if the republicans were childish, they wouldn’t went to Canada when Obama forced thru the Health Care bill.

  2. Ralph,

    I am sure you know that there were many, many months of debate on health care, and many, many public hearings.

    There was not ONE public hearing on the assault on union workers and the Republicans thought they were going to wrap the whole affair up in 6 days…..two of those being the weekend!

    Also the Dems in Congress accepted amendments from the GOP in the health care bill.

    So really what you are saying in your comment is that you are talking out of your ass.

    Nice try.

  3. Tim

    I heard Rep. Halsey tonight on 27 news say that this is a travesty the likes of which he had never seen! Really? I thought at the national level the Democrats did literally lock out the Repubs on the Health Care debate, and passed the whole thing in the middle of the night with no ability of debate from the minority party OR the public. Pelosi said, “Just pass it, we can sort it out later.”

  4. Tim,

    No, you are not correct.

    First of all there were many, many months of debate on health care. Not only was the actual health care bill debated in numerous committees, but the health care debate is one that America has been engaged in since Truman was in the White House.

    Contrast that with Walker who wanted to eliminate collective bargaining in 6 days…and two of those would be weekend days.

    Sixty years of labor law undone in less than a week….from someone who never graduated from college!

    Second, the national Democrats allowed numerous amendments to the bill….Sens. Grassley and Collins are but two that had items placed in the bill. The fact there was no public option was another GOP wish that was inserted…or deleted….depending how you wish to view it.

    Third, the health care vote was placed on the calendar at the time it was due to Republican machinations…it could have been done much sooner….but you know how conservatives like to operate.

    Lastly to say there was no debate on the health care bill, and the public never had a say means that you are out of touch with reality…never read a single newspaper….or understand or recall anything that happened for many months in this country.

    Might you also now wish to tell me that Iraq was behind the events of 9/11?

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