Madison Mayor Cieslewicz Questions Walker About Turning “Peaceful Protests Into Something Ugly”

All of official Madison is rightly upset Wisconsin Governor Walker was thinking about planting “troublemakers” into the peaceful crowds that have filled the State Capitol and the Square.   The purpose would have been to create chaos, and in so doing make Walker’s bill to strip collective bargaining rights easier to pass.  For Walker to even think such a thing…..even ONCE!…is absolotely unconscionable.  It makes me think of how Richard Nixon acted when in office.

Now Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz weighs in on the issue and strikes to the heart of the matter.  It is easy to see why so many admire and support Mayor Dave. 

But I find it disturbing that Governor Walker apparently considered disrupting the protests. A transcript of a faux call to the Governor from a man he believed was conservative icon and top Walker donor David Koch finds “Koch” offering to help Walker out by, “planting some troublemakers” among the demonstrators. Walker’s reply:

“We thought about that….”

Really, Governor, you thought about that? The Governor of Wisconsin actually thought about planting people in the crowds who might turn these peaceful protests into something ugly?

The Madison Police Department, the Dane County Sherriff, the Capitol Police, UW Police, State Patrol and dozens of police departments from around the state deserve credit for acting so responsibly, as do the protestors who have been incredibly well organized. The tone has been just right. For the governor of our state to suggest that he even considered disrupting these peaceful protests is a serious thing. We need to hear more from him on exactly what he meant. I hope the media will keep after it.

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