Sen. Tim Carpenter: Gov. Walker Would Make Nixon Blush

More and more people are linking Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his political chicanery to that of Richard Nixon.   Yesterday I drew a direct line to the way Walker is conducting himself in office to that of Nixon.  As a Nixon history buff I at once thought of the former president upon hearing the phone call that makes Walker look, at best, a fool, and at worst a plotting enemy of the citizens of Wisconsin.   To consider placing “troublemakers’ in a peaceful protest rally is simply appalling.  To think of the possible consquences should that have happened, and chaos erupted, is chilling.

With that in mind I heard  today a Democratic State Senator made another reference to Nixon

As I thought more about it today it seems unfair to smudge Richard Nixon with the likes of Scott Walker.  Nixon deserve better!   After all, there was no better political analyst and shrewd observer of politics than Richard Nixon.  The former president would never have allowed himself to get into such a situation over legislation as Walker now has done with his budget repair bill. 

To top it off Walker has seemingly nowhere to go politically….except down.  The bill he is championing may pass, but the political fallout will bury him.  Nixon, even at the end of his political career, knew how to create an exit plan.  Walker is so tone-deaf and cock-sure he has never once thought he could be broken down.   Therein lies the difference between a ruthless politician and an  arrogant one.  

What will be the political fallout over Walker’s taped phone remarks to a New York blogger he thought was David Koch, an energy industry executive? In that 20-minute call, Walker laid out a hang-tough strategy on his plan to limit union rights, sought support for wavering Republicans from swing districts and even discussed an idea he had dismissed of planting troublemakers at the Capitol to discredit the anti-Walker protests.

Democrats said they were digging in for a long fight.

“This tape would make Richard Nixon blush,” Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) told Walker in a letter.

4 thoughts on “Sen. Tim Carpenter: Gov. Walker Would Make Nixon Blush

  1. ofr


    Set up the Republic round table this country was founded On!


  2. Sue

    I am beginning to think that whatever happens with this legislation, Walker may have just handed Wisconsin to Obama in 2012.
    Remember to start the ‘fallout’ at the local level, folks, in Wisconsin and elsewhere. If you have a spring election, call your candidates for everything from school board to dogcatcher and find out what their attitudes are toward working Americans. Then vote.

  3. John,

    Thanks so much for reading here and commenting. I have followed you for years…back when you were at the RN Library. We chatted once over email about some 20 hours of video I had of the days following RN’s passing. I had tried to record it on DVD at the time and had no luck. It was only after you left that I bought a machine that allowed for me to burn the copies from VHS to DVD. Anyway, this is a long way of saying though we never met we have been in touch. Nixon was just one of the most interesting men who was ever elected President. I never fail to be impressed with his time on the world stage, or learning more about him.

    Thanks again for commenting.

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