Madison’s WTDY Must Share Shame Over Glenn Beck Statements

What took so long for WTDY to drop Glenn Beck from the airwaves?  Why did WTDY ever place this nut-case on the Madison airwaves to begin with?  So before any one takes time to congratulate WTDY ask first why they decided to let Beck be on a Madison station to begin with.

After all, this is MADISON,  Wisconsin!!

The statement from WTDY about booting Beck is based in part on the fact that Beck has used Madison as a whipping boy due to the collective bargaining protests.  Might I ask why WTDY thought that was horrible but having Beck call President Obama a socialist and challenge his citizenship was somehow just fine.

Might the management of WTDY be a little touched in the head too?  As with anyone like Glenn Beck it takes two to make a deal.  WTDY has to share the blame for Glenn Beck.

The Madison, Wisconsin, radio station that dropped Glenn Beck’s program this week issued the following statement to Media Matters when asked why the decision was made:

WTDY can no longer carry the Glenn Beck program. Over the last 12 months, the show has devolved into plugs for Fox News (the radio version of which is aired by our direct competitor), his books, and other personal endorsements. The lack of actual content becomes more apparent daily. Monday’s program was the final straw; his unabashed deriding of Madison is unacceptable for broadcast in our community.

3 thoughts on “Madison’s WTDY Must Share Shame Over Glenn Beck Statements

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  3. dark

    yes, after all it is MADISON! can’t handle a differing opinion. that’s what democracy looks like, for sure.
    I don’t have a problem with WTDY dropping Beck, business decision. I’ll just go elsewhere.

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