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Pictures: Inside Madison Capitol For Saturday’s Pro-Union Rally

February 26, 2011

There is no way to convey in words the energy, camaraderie, sense of purpose, feelings of democracy, hope, and acts of kindness that filled the Wisconsin State Capitol on Saturday. 

As we were walking to the building a small child, perhaps four years old, was clearly not with his guardian.  Given the crush of the crowd  it was even hard for adults not to be separated at times.  James and I started to move to take action to look for the person in charge of the child.  Soon there were a few more that saw the need, and one recommended getting a police officer.  The little guy was totally unfazed with the flurry of activity, and was determined to keep walking and see the sights.  After all, this show does not play at this venue every day…….well… sort of does…

In a minute the dad runs over and scoops the kid up.  All returned to normal and we entered the building….but that sense of everyone pulling together still makes me smile.  It took place outside of the building….and was every much in evidence inside!

In the State Capitol there are many projects underway to promote the rally.  One of them is a button-making process.

The music that filled the hallways of the Capitol was spirited and made for sing-a-longs.

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  1. gun owner permalink
    February 26, 2011 5:10 PM

    I said in a earlier post that the people voted him in and they should live with it and I was told I didn’t no what was going on and he was right keep up the good work protesters let our new governor no how you all feel I now support u to

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