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Pictures Of Kids At Madison Statehouse Union Rally

February 26, 2011

There were more cute kids at the Madison Capitol on Saturday lending a hand with the union protest than I have space on this blog to showcase.  So as I have done over the past days I will limit the photos to a few that made me smile.

First, while most adults handled one sign to get a message out there were others like Jaden who promoted a message coming and going.  I think at the end of the day this youngster deserves ice-cream and a long nap.  I bet however in college he will look back on this weekend and it will have impacted him in some way that will allow him to be a better citizen.  His parents are to be applauded in making this political issue a learning moment.

While some youngsters were walking all over the place others were never going to get very far…..and this one was a classic!  I spotted this later in the day and there is no way not to smile.  “But Mom, I want to go over there…….”

There were some kids that probably never even knew there was anything going on.  Warm, snug, and comfy, round and round the Capitol they strolled.

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