Prediction From Caffeinated Politics About Wisconsin Politics

Unless there is a compromise on the budget repair bill, and in light of the state budget to be unveiled Tuesday, I expect bigger crowds next Saturday at the State Capitol.

This political storm is just starting to ramp up.

After the past two weeks one thing is very clear.  The voters and citizens of this state are mighty pissed!

Within the political ranks of Wisconsin from either party no one has ever witnessed such lunacy which now passes for governance.   The seasoned and mature minds are just shaking their heads and wondering WTF!

On Sunday I had to smile at the words penned by Doug Moe in the Wisconsin State Journal about his conversation with former Governor Tommy Thompson.  Every reader of the column knew that Thompson was being a gentleman and biting his tongue when he spoke of the outrageous issue that now confronts this state.  

The line that just rang with understatement and made me howl was Thompson saying “It possibly could have been handled better.” 

Thompson would never have let himself get so mired in the muck and distracted as Scott Walker has done.  No politician worth his salt dives into an empty swimming pool…and then wants everyone else to take the plunge too!

Governor Walker is not up to the job that he was elected for in November, and not intelligent enough to understand that fact.

The chaos and divisions that are being created within our communities and workplaces as a result of the ideas and plans being hatched by his administration must end. 

Someone has to tell Walker, and get him to listen.

It is quite obvious to anyone that takes the time to look out the windows of the State Capitol that the people of Wisconsin are not willing to follow Walker.

They want a change in direction, and they want it now.

The people are in NO mood for the games that Walker and his allies are playing.  In just a few weeks the conservatives have over-played their hand.

The question I will be looking to find an answer for this week is if the Republicans are listening to the people of this state?

Will the legislative members of the GOP have a heart-to-heart chat with Walker?  Will they advise Walker the hokum that is being spun is not what the people of Wisconsin bought when they elected the GOP last November.

The Republicans had better wise up and sit down for a chat this week with Governor Walker and settle a few issues.

If not the people of Wisconsin will come back to Madison next weekend for a chat of their own. 

The people intend to be heard.  They intend to win this policy battle.

6 thoughts on “Prediction From Caffeinated Politics About Wisconsin Politics

  1. Alex

    Two questions:

    A. Thompson has said, point blank, that he supports the bill as it is currently written. Does that change your opinion of him? Do you think that he is just saying that to avoid embarrassing Walker?

    B. I’d like to see someone come up with a principled, non-ideological defense of why the Republicans shouldn’t leave town when the Democrats propose something major once they take back the majority. Because I bet they will try the exact same thing in a few years.

  2. TDuke

    Dear sir I must disagree with you, the people and taxpayers are not angry at what Mr Walker is doing only the unions and their out of state supporters are angry. The people in my region of WIS the northwest area near Eagle River strongly support the governor on this issue.

  3. Patrick


    Some actions are wrong only when republicans or conservatives do them–like engaging in the low discourse of comparing politicians to Hittler. It is wrong to compare Obama to Hittler, but right to compare Walker to Hittler. As for the fleebaggers, I’m sure you recall the reaction of the liberals to the extreme actions republicans took while Doyle and his democrat cronies who controlled both houses enacted legislation they found reprehensible…oh, wait, the republicans debated and voted even though they lost. But the fleebaggers really point to a much more moral and democratic approach; you just need to first convince yourself that two plus two equals five.

    The liberal ethic is this: the end justifies any means. The thing to remember is that they are a lot smarter than conservatives and their motives are always far more just.

  4. Deke,

    My friend, I think you underestimate how long it takes for an upset public to cause politicians to react. Civil Rights protests took years, so too, suffrage, for Congress to act. The states took even longer. I laud the senate Dems for their actions but it is time to bring this battle to a close and begin a new one. There is a difference between planting your feet for a good cause and simple stubbornness to face reality. Intransigence does not lead to victory even if the rent is too darn high.

  5. Patrick

    For a further example see Rep. Litjuns from Oshkosh and the Dem from Oshkosh who told her she was ____ dead.

    Threats, intimidation, and Fox lies. But it is okay because democrats are more moral than the rest of us.

  6. Casey

    Connect the dots…..Scott Jensen (remember him?), Alliance for School Choice (he is a Senior Advisor for the Government Affairs Team) and the MacIver Institute. Read the MacIver Principles to Guide Wisconsin’s Budget (posted on Nov. 5, 2010) and it will sound like Walker’s talking points! These groups stand to make out well regarding school choice as the public schools are left to rot. The MacIver Institute scares me.

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