Governor Walker Told He Could Not Order Protestors Out Of Statehouse

Based on very reliable sources, which include a member of law enforcement, Caffeinated Politics has learned this evening that Governor Walker was extremely angry following the State Assembly vote that needed to be rescinded on February 18th.  In his burst of anger he ordered the Wisconsin Statehouse cleared of protesters.

It was then that law enforcement which included Dane County, City of Madison, and Capitol Police all spoke most candidly to the Governor and told him it was not going to happen.

As described later they did not want another Kent State.

That Scott Walker’s mental door is not hinged all the way up and down is most obvious given what we have seen these past six weeks.    That there are others who have to step in and make sure the state is protected from the worst instincts of Walker is the only blessing we seem to have at this point.

The next question is which mature and seasoned leaders among the GOP will step up and work to end the impasse with the labor unions and the collective bargaining fiasco?

Wisconsin needs some brave men and women in this hour of need.

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