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Conservative Wisconsin State Senator Randy Hopper Gives Up Being A ‘Family Man’

March 14, 2011

This can only help Randy Hopper avoid a  recall election, right?

One of Scott Walker’s top orcs in the union-busting thuggery, Republican Randy Hopper, was thrown out by his wife and is now shacked up in Madison with a 25-year-old right-wing lobbyist who (of course) formerly worked with Hopper as a legislative aide (writing law for Hopper’s corporate backers). And now Hopper’s wife has joined the recall campaign against him — not because of his politics, which she probably agrees with, but because he’s a jerkwad in his personal life, too.

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  1. March 14, 2011 9:59 PM


    Now that is blog writing! I TIP MY HAT TO YOU!!

    Wow…and sincere thanks for the time.

  2. Badger Babe permalink
    March 14, 2011 9:46 PM

    In the March 11 issue of the Oshkosh newspaper, Reporter Jeff Bollier wrote that State Sen. Randy Hopper received a death threat. The more I’ve read about vandalism to businesses and other alleged threatening activities, the greater my concern. Could the Hopper threat possibly be another Madison-inspired conspiracy involving the “thugs” (the word used by Investors Business Daily) who slept in the Capitol and made it “smell”? Or was that “smell” the mendacity of a governor who said he “couldn’t think” of any way to solve a budget crisis except by killing off long-established worker rights?

    My first reaction on reading the story and the March 14 Caffeinated Politics posting was to send a note to the reporter. That way, important information could be shared with his readers, folks who apparently think ALL government workers are taking food from their mouths and are stealing their DNA to sell on eBay. Although I’m NOTHING but a government worker, I certainly didn’t want to behave as badly as Gov. Walker (also a government worker), the Fitzgerald Boys (the new “First Family” of Wisconsin Government who are also government workers), Sen. Glenn Grothman (a government worker who, in his unmitigated arrogance, thinks he has a direct line to The Supreme Being and is big on moral pronouncements for others), and the GOP legislators who prefer to do the People’s Business behind closed doors.

    Be forewarned: what I’ve written is “disgusting” — the word used by Hopper’s chief of staff — because I believe there is an ethical and moral disconnect in her boss’ behavior. And I’m sure she NEVER campaigns for Hopper while she’s on state time….

    Here’s what I wanted to send to the reporter.

    It was with some interest that I read your March 11 story about State Sen. Randy
    Hopper receiving a death threat. As one of the demon-spawn state workers who lives in Madison, I can only say I’m ashamed of anyone who would threaten a state legislator as dedicated as Sen. Hopper appears to be.

    Your story indicates the senator “is at an undisclosed location” in Madison. Knowing how concerned some state residents were about the “disappearance” of senators, I’m delighted to be able to share some important information. I’ve put the clues together. And Sen.Hopper apparently has taken up temporary (or maybe long-term) residence at the apartment/condo/home of a 25-year-old right-wing lobbyist in Madison. Mystery solved!

    Certainly Sen. Hopper’s office staff will be willing to share the name of this female, given that she used to work in Mr. Hopper’s office as a legislative aide. Apparently, the Gravy Train that state employment supposedly is didn’t appeal to THIS Right-Wing Honey. Or maybe it’s easier to break a couple of the Ten Commandments if she is no longer part of the senator’s office staff. It’s also possible she got a better offer — possibly from the Koch Brothers who now have a lobbying office a few blocks from the Capitol (the better to watch their dollars in action).

    This lobbyist must be some Hot Tamale. Sen. Hopper can’t even wait for a divorce in order to “get up-close-and-personal” with her. I guess that kind of behavior is only a Bad Thing when done by Democrats or union-supporting government workers. To expect Sen. Hopper to keep his libido in check until a divorce — or expect him to do more than “talk-the-talk” when it comes to moral issues — is “ugly” and “disgusting.” No double standard here, eh?

    As a longtime Madison resident, it has been difficult putting up with the vitriolic insults about how the Badger State’s beautiful and progressive Capitol city is full of “hippy liberals”. As a longtime LTE who CHOOSES to work for the State of Wisconsin because I WANT to serve the people of this state (even when a minority of vocal whiners bitch-and-moan about how awful government is), I’ve always wondered why there is such disdain for government workers. (In fact, why do these legislators want to be a part of government when government is so awful?) Last time I checked, government staffers are people who pay all kinds of taxes, are subject to the same laws and regulations that everyone else has to obey. Like those put-upon Republican Regular Joes. if you cut me, I bleed. If you tickle me, I laugh. If you hurt me, I cry. And I work just as hard for wages that really have been cut — just like other Wisconsin workers. My husband and I are hurting economically just like other Wisconsinites.

    Given that only a few Wisconsin legislators are actually FROM Madison, the laws and regulations that draw the mean-spirited ire of Tea Party-influenced conservatives have been approved — and possibly been authored — by legislators like Mr. Hopper. (Unlike Mr. Hopper, I think the Madison legislators know how to be faithful to their spouses. But I guess that kind of behavior is a problem only if you’re not a Tea Party conservative.) Perhaps it’s the rarified atmosphere of the State Capitol (a building that has NOT sustained multi-million dollars of damage!) that gives him the motivation to cuckold his (almost) ex-wife in MY home community, rather than his own home town — where the folks he supposedly represents in Madison ostensibly respect him and the office he holds.

    As someone who has seen the protests firsthand, the only “threats” I’ve heard have been made against government employees and union members — not against any of the GOP legislators who exclude the public from the public’s building and the public’s governmental process. (I don’t consider a recall election a “threat” – it’s one of the few checks given to electors in a democratic republic.) I get at least one e-mail every week reminding me I better not use state resources for political purposes. Legislators? They get per diem payments and never have to provide receipts to prove they incurred ANY legitimate expenses. (Talk about feeding at the public trough….) Frankly, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the anger is so deep that stupid threats are made. Given the ugliness of the political environment created by Gov. Walker and the Fitzgerald Boys, it’s perfectly reasonable that a small handful of people are so angry and so incensed by what’s going on that they want to strike back at sanctimonious legislators who will not consult with anyone or negotiate with colleagues on the other side of the aisle. (And it must be fun for the Fitzgeralds to plot how to “punish” those Dirty Democratic senators.) All anyone has to do to do is look at how others have reacted when their rights are taken from them. In Madison, thousands and thousands of protesters have left the Capitol building and grounds cleaner than when they got to Madison — something that doesn’t get reported outside of Madison city limits. And why bother with facts and accurate representations when it’s so easy to lie repeatedly and have those lies picked up as reality?

    As national commentators have suggested, Tea Party conservatives are the No Nothings of the 21st Century. It would be easy to dismiss that statement as “politics” except Walker and his True Believers are destroying Wisconsin. The damage being inflected will take decades to mitigate. It certainly won’t be repaired in my lifetime.

    I recognize it’s possible the legislative death threats are real, but it’s difficult to give credibility to Mr. Hopper and GOP colleagues. After all, Mr. Walker, Wisconsin’s 45th governor and the state’s top constitutional officer, can’t figure out when he’s being crank-yanked during a telephone call and, without any sense of shame or embarrassment, says he seriously considered bringing in “troublemakers” to make protesting government workers look bad. Walker and Company also lie on a frighteningly regular basis, only to pull back from the more outrageous claims once they’ve whipped up emotions. (This from an Eagle Scout!) But who knows? Maybe those alleged “death threats” will turn out to be as real as the legislative sessions that violated Wisconsin’s Open Meeting Law.

    Whether I have a job in the near future or whether I take the Road to Retirement, I’m going to continue to work to reclaim Wisconsin from folks who would rather pose for Tea Party Holy Cards than remember how Robert LaFollette (Senior and Junior), Bob Warren, Warren Knowles, Alexander Wiley, Walter John Chilsen, and other honorable Republicans helped make Wisconsin great. I don’t expect the current crop of GOP senators to remember history. And I’m counting on an old common-sense adage — actions DO have consequences.


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