Thorny Teabaggers Trouble Top-Dog Boehner

One of the many shows underway in Washington is the fight between the seasoned Republicans who understand issues such as the debt ceiling, along with the way legislative bodies operate.  Then there are the new kids on the block who are stunned that the bluster they created actually produced an election victory last November.

I have repeatedly stated this would be cheap theatre when the teabaggers were forced to work with others to form a working majority.

It is turning out to be the best sideshow in town.

While the 54 Republicans who voted against the most recent stopgap spending bill didn’t derail the legislation, some GOP lawmakers are becoming increasingly wary of a faction that rejects substantial spending cuts because they want deeper ones or the inclusion of divisive social policy riders.

Many of the critics are close to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who struggles more each day to keep his majority unified as a three-month spending showdown threatens to spill into April. The House passed $6 billion of spending cuts Tuesday, to bring the total cut to $10 billion.

“Yep, it is surprising,” Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson said of the difficulty convincing hard-liners that the leadership is cutting large amounts of spending. “I mean, this is three weeks; we’re cutting $6 billion. You know? It is surprising. This is the only time in my life where I can cut $6 billion in a three-week period and be called a liberal.”

Ohio Rep. Steve LaTourette, an appropriator close to Boehner, said Republicans are seeing a “constant tension” between “the Democratic Party that talks about cuts but doesn’t want to cut anything, and then you have my side, that wants to cut anything that moves.

“That creates this dynamic tension, and you have people in my party that are angry that we are not adding riders, or shutting down the government, things like that, but this is exactly what people expect us to do — find cuts and continue to talk,” LaTourette said.

Other Republicans are quietly complaining that a few bombastic members of their conference who regularly appear on TV create an outsize perception of pressure.

One thought on “Thorny Teabaggers Trouble Top-Dog Boehner

  1. I have listened to John Boehner on a more interviews than a sane person can survive. No matter how the interviewer tries to pin him down, he refuses to make a negative comment on whatever outrageous statement some Tea party person has made. He always sayd, “It’s not my job to…” Yet, at the same time, Republican criticize Muslims for not speaking out more strongly against radicals.

    I don’t get that.

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