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Is Governor Scott Walker Member Of ‘Mile High Club’?

March 28, 2011

For $42,000 Governor Walker better have gotten something out of his air travels.

The people of Wisconsin surely have not.

It was reported that Walker has used his tax-funded airplane a great deal to travel around Wisconsin.  Then as has been noted many times in news stories, Walker needs to duck into a side door or leave by a back exit so not to come in contact with the voters who have lined up to let him know what they think of his policies.

Perhaps if  Gov. Walker took the bus or even a car, and made pit stops along his way from Madison to whatever Republican friendly enclave will have him as a speaker, he might better understand the mood of his fellow citizens.  It also would cost less and let everyone know that he is making cutbacks as well in this time of a budget shortfall.

Since the Governor likes to fly over much of Wisconsin let me offer him a news nugget.

It is not good out there in the countryside, Governor. 

Lots, and I mean LOTS of people are really ticked off at you and your fellow Republicans.  And it is not just Democrats who you have offended.  I have been talking with many independents who have decided that you are not governing in the way you campaigned.  I think you might want to pivot towards sanity soon, or the GOP house of cards is going to collapse.

But I suspect when flying above it all in comfort it is easier to dismiss the anger and logic of the people who are trying to meet family budgets, retain health care, and preserve quality education.

Whatever you are doing up there please know that we have not forgotten about you and are  planing a little statewide get-together in your honor in early January.  Please join us at your local polling place.

  1. April 5, 2011 10:38 AM

    Walker is nothing but a bozo. Plain and simple!

  2. Badger Babe permalink
    March 28, 2011 9:47 PM

    What a surprise Walker likes to spend tax dollars on himself. If (ideally “when”) someone decided to add up the costs associated the Walker-generated budget crisis — the excessive/unnecessary security, the high-end vehicles he uses (paid for with state tax dollars), the cost of security for his trip to the Super Bowl, etc. — I’ll bet the price tag is legitimately in excess of the bogus “damage to the State Capitol” that protesters allegedly caused. These numbers were laughably high and eventually withdrawn.

    If the governor is genuinely interested in cutting state spending, he should consider cutting legislator per diem payments. Unlike “real” state employees who actually work and actually provide services to the people of Wisconsin, legislators (particularly the ones who have gone along with previous state budgets that laid the foundation for much of the current crisis) DO NOT HAVE TO PROVIDE RECEIPTS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THEIR PER DIEM PAYMENTS. NOR DO THEY HAVE TO PROVE THEY ARE ACTUALLY IN MADISON DOING STATE BUSINESS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THOSE PAYMENTS. Someone like Sen. Glenn Grothmann is at the top of the per diem payment list. He even made a big deal out of saying he (and his staff) chose to work on Martin Luther King Day while all of those “lazy state employees” took a day off. Maybe if he stayed in his home community and did some volunteer work (like many state employees did to honor Rev. King), a few less state dollars would have been spent to keep his office open on a day when NO ONE FROM THE PUBLIC SHOWED UP, and the most likely work done by him and his staff was more legitimately classified as “personal politics” and NOT state business.

    Gov. Walker: Reduce those gravy train payments. That move might make it a little more tolerable to believe your self-serving posturing that you’re a “Brown Bag Lunch” kind of guy looking to cut costs. And how much state money is spent to offer refreshments to your political buddies when you “entertain” them at the Mansion? Or do you just spend money being transported to and from Wauwatosa?

    By the time the cost of all of the litigation generated by Walker’s illegal actions is calculated, Walker will have cost the people of Wisconsin more than their worker rights and their benefits.

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