Eileen Bruskewitz Voted Against State Workers And Collective Bargaining

There will be a snowstorm in Madison on July Fourth before Eileen Bruskewitz is ever elected county executive.  A major blow-out election is about to take place in favor of Joe Parisi.  And rightly so.

But just in case there are any who are not aware of Eileen Bruskewitz’s inner thoughts about the chaos that has taken hold of Wisconsin due to Governor Walker and his assault on workers let this serve as a reminder.

From the start of the current struggle over Walker’s proposals, Parisi has been in the forefront of the defense of worker rights in the Assembly and on the streets.

Bruskewitz has stood with the governor.

In February, Dane County Supervisor Melissa Sargent led a group of supervisors in proposing a resolution that declared: “The Dane County Board of Supervisors supports the Wisconsin worker and supports the right to organize and collectively bargain. We stand opposed to Gov. Walker’s attack on the middle class and on the rights of Wisconsin workers.”

The overwhelming majority of supervisors, from across the political and ideological spectrum, voted “yes.”

Bruskewitz voted “no.” At the same time, she issued statements defending the governor’s wrongheaded proposals and authoritarian approach.

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