Video: Eagle Brings Duck To Feed Eaglets In Nest

I am so fond of these little eaglets, and just impressed with the grace and power of their parents.  It is amazing to see how this show of nature is playing out on the eagle cam that can be found on the right hand side of this blog.

First up, a duck is brought for lunch to the nest.  Specifically, a male surf scoter duck.  This species is sometimes called a “skunk-head” due to the white patches on their head.  This sea duck is typically found in marine waters, or on large brackish rivers.

I might mention that at the start of this next video there is also a fish that has been brought to the nest, and you can see it is still breathing as the eagle places one of its feet upon it to get at the duck.

I want to add just a couple of pictures that show the cute little guys, and one of both their parents on the nest.

Any Bird Feed Around Here, Mister?

Kermit Political Trivia

The only Kermit I ever have known is James’ brother-in-law  in Maine.  It was just not a first name that I had ever encountered before. 

Then this afternoon I found a second person with that first name.

Teddy Roosevelt had a son named Kermit.  It was this son that accompanied his father in 1910 on an African hunting trip.

From “1912” by James Chace.

Dane County Judge Sumi Plays Hardball With Collective Bargaining, Could Be Months From Decision

No one could write a script like that which is playing out in Madison in regards to the collective bargaining legal battle.

Instead of a decision Friday, Sumi gave lawyers in the case three legal questions she wants them to answer, setting a seven-week period for legal briefs and responses.

In the meantime, the case will also wait for the four lawmakers who are asserting legislative immunity — Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau; Senate President Michael Ellis, R-Neenah; Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, R-Horicon; and Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder, R-Abbotsford — until they either waive immunity or are out of session and can be served with the lawsuit.

That could be months. Ozanne said there are windows in July and December in which the Legislature is not in session. State law grants immunity to legislators during sessions and for 15 days before and after, but it’s not settled whether sessions are defined as legislative floor periods or entire two-year periods between elections.

None of the lawyers in the case could answer that question definitively and will likely argue it in legal briefs to Sumi.

Then there is this…..and this is precious.

Steven Means, executive assistant to Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, said on Tuesday that the AG couldn’t appeal the order Sumi issued that day because it no longer represents any active defendant in the case.

But FAUX News Is Fair, Right?

This is why so many laugh at and deride FAUX News.

Who would operate like this if the objective is to be, well, objective?

FAUX News is not a legitimate news operation.

It is nothing more than an extension of the Republican Party.

Need to add some spice to your Monday morning? Fox & Friends has announced just the thing for the media nerd that simply can’t get enough of the most attention-grabbing potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates yet: “Mondays with Trump,” a brand new segment where “The Donald now makes his voice loud and clear on Fox” on the news of the day.

Saturday Song: Fats Domino “Blueberry Hill”

There needs to be some  upbeat, feel good down to the soles of your feet music today…..and so we turn to one of the greats.

Lets keep the piano going with two more from a living legend of rock-n-roll.