Heavy Voting Reported Statewide In Spring Election

Things are brewing with one hour left for voters to turn out….and voters are doing just that.

David Douglas Twitters states some of the following…

FDL Dem Party Chair says they are in the works of filing a court action to try to keep polls open till at least 9 p.m. b/c of this shortage

Fond du Lac Democratic Party Chair Rich Mantz says some wards in the City of Fond du Lac are OUT of ballots. Says many ppl waiting to vote.

Additional ballots needed in Madison and Appleton.

In AppletonExtra ballots had to be copied in Ward 28, and in Ward 2, election officials said they were eight voters away from requesting extra ballot copies. Those ballots will need to be hand counted once polls close tonight at 8 p.m.

Manitowoc Cty projects 30% turnout.

Clerk seeing presidential-level of turnout in Madison.

At 4:00 turnout is over 50% in some Madison wards.

Waukesha County expected to turn out between 20% and 25% today.

Madison voting wards 70&71 are currently and collectively at 58%.

FDL County clerk says most of its polling places are close to running out of ballots because of such high turnout

Guantanamo Must Close, Military Tribunals Offensive To American Ideals

There is no way that anyone in America, be they Democrat or Republican, can feel any sense of pride about the news concerning the decision to try Sheikh Mohammed in front of a military tribunal as opposed to a civilian court.

No one can be proud that many Democrats grew timid in the face of attempts by Republicans to willfully mislead the nation over the civilian court route for terror suspects.  At the end of the day I am as dismayed with the Democrats for not standing on fact and principle, as I am over the short-sighted shenanigans from the Republicans.

One of the challenges that faced President Obama at the outset of his administration was how to close Guantanamo and stop the military trials that tipped the democratic ideals of justice on its head.

I have no doubt that history will correctly judge President Bush who created the legal and international fiasco that is Guantanamo with the harshness that he so richly deserves.  But now there must be those Democrats in Congress who allowed themselves to be used by the GOP who also need to face the pages of history.

Military commissions that hand out justice is a wretched way to conduct business and it richly deserve the wrath of the international community.  Meanwhile federal courts have sentenced hundreds of terrorists in an effective and legal fashion that does not undermine our ideals.

The facts speak to that very clearly.

Since 9/11 there have been 6 convictions in military tribunals, while over 400 hundred convictions have occurred for terrorist suspects in civilian courts.  Did America implode from the hundreds that were tried and convicted and I just missed the headlines?  Or are Republicans doing what they do best?

Which is annoy the hell out of reason, and work overtime to twist and distort the facts.

The larger  ideals upon which our nation was formed seems to mean less and less as time goes by.  To a frightening degree this is happening more and more among conservatives who one would think might better understand the reason legal process matters in a democracy.  The problem is that too many red-meat Republicans control the party and thoughtful, educated discourse is often never engaged in anymore.

Conservatives have thrown up false notions about how anti-terrorism goals would be undermined if Guantanamo were to be closed, or how all would be in peril if civilian courts were allowed to render justice.  That just distorts the truth, and allows for terrorist elements to use Guantanamo against America.

I am embarrassed by Guantanamo, and also by the military tribunals that continue to occur there.

Caffeinated Politics supported the idea of the federal government buying a prison in Illinois for the express purpose of housing the remaining detainees at Guantanamo.  It made sense in 2009, when the idea was much in discussion, and holds even more merit now.

All that is required now are the intelligent and forward thinking members of Congress to separate themselves from the rest and make it happen.

President Obama is ready to sign such a bill.

The world community is ready to make it happen.

History will judge it a brighter moment for American foreign policy.

Voting Heavy On Madison Isthmus

Spring Election in Madison is intense as heavy turnout that had been predicted for days is now taking place.  Heavy absentee voting led the way in the weeks leading up to the polling today.  Madison’s City Clerk is looking at a nearly 60% turnout for the  city, while  Dane County expects upwards of a 45% turnout.

When James and I cast  a ballot at the Wil-Mar Center at 2:30 P.M. we were numbers 741 and 742, meaning that 31% of the ward had voted.   The rush hours are yet to happen….

In related news, but away from the isthmus, Wards 70 and 71, where my friend Rolf is a poll worker reports that they are near 32% turn out.

Keep WGN’s Roy Leonard In Prayers And Thoughts

Every Sunday for many a year while driving home to spend an afternoon with my parents the car radio would be tuned to WGN.  As such the soothing voice of Roy Leonard would carry me along as he spoke about movies, theatre, and the arts.  Roy interviewed all the stars, and had a keen observation about film on the big screen.  He was kind and professional on air, and remains a gentleman as the following proves.

His blog shows that prayers and thoughts are needed for Roy and his wife.

This will be our last blog, as medical problems have surfaced and Sheila’s recovery from that fall and resulting  hematoma  in the brain have not shown the recovery we had hoped for,  just leave  it impossible to continue.  

My poor wife is trying so hard and she does her rehab exercices regularly but the lack of coordination and arthritis has made it very difficult to use her hands and we really have to help her at the table.  Dressing is difficult, but with a little help, she does well.  Walking is tough and we are praying for warm weather so we can get some outdoor exercise time. Memory is still a big problem. Especially, short term. She will recognize pictures from a trip we took years ago, but not remember what I told her an hour ago.  Luckily she knows all her sons and eight grandchildren, reads the papers  and watches the news and PBS specials on TV.  But, she can’t be left alone.

My problems are weird. They can’t seem to find out why I have  lost my appetite and have been losing weight. I’m down from 150 to about 130 and despite  having my daily  Ensure,  making myself eat  and  stuffing  myself with favorites,  I’m never really hungry and food just doesn’t  interest me, although  I do all the cooking and enjoy making meals.  I’ ve  been poked and prodded in  every orifice of the body with a few more test to come.  And I have developed a hernia which needs surgery soon. This is probably more than you needed  or even wanted to know, but those are the facts and I’ll be a full time care giver now,  with a  few comments to make on Face Book,  from time to time.

2011 Wisconsin Spring Election Predictions

Posted at 5:24 A.M. April 5th…..

After all the back-and-forth from the candidates, lots of  hard work, and endless campaign ads on television for Wisconsin State Supreme Court comes the fun part for the arm-chair politicos.  Election Day and the time to make some predictions is at hand. 

I offer the following for fun……after all politics should be fun.  Often we forget that.  Right or wrong CP has fun on days like this!

The level of energy that is being demonstrated by voters in Wisconsin, especially in Madison and Dane County, is breathtaking.  If the projections hold true Madison will be near 60% turnout, and Dane County over 40% turnout.  With numbers like these it is possible that part of the headline on Wednesday will be that Dane County helped in large measure to elect the next member to the Supreme Court.  Milwaukee County, due to a much publicized county executive race, will also make a huge impact on the totals.

My prediction is  JoAnne Kloppenburg defeats David Prosser by 2%.   I also predict that no one will call the Chief Justice a “bitch” in the next term of the court.

In Dane County the most perplexing question that still has not been answered is why in the midst of a race for Madison mayor did Eileen Bruskewitz enter the race for county executive.  While CP strongly encourages candidates from both parties to enter political contests, it seems odd that someone desires to be a sacrificial lamb in the way Bruskewitz has done.

Joe Parisi will defeat in a massive way Eileen Bruskewitz with at least a 20% margin.

The high number of voters in Madison thus far for absentee voting has left me wondering how this plays out for the Madison mayor’s race.  Though CP has endorsed Dave Cieslewicz I sense an upset coming.   Part of the reason is that in trying times Madison may feel an urge to go back to the elder leader and let his skills be used against the Walker forces.  Since the huge turnout is being created due to the Walker factor, it seems logical to think it extends to the mayor’s race.

Paul Soglin edges Dave Cieslewicz, with the isthmus neighborhoods being the key to the election.  Soglin by less than 2%.

For Madison City Council Marsha Rummel defeats  Jan-McMahon in the 6th District but the most interesting race might be in the 2nd District where Sam Stevenson will defeat incumbent Bridget Maniaci..  Maniaci forgot her constituents when she started carrying water for interests that ran counter to the wishes of her neighbors.