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Keep WGN’s Roy Leonard In Prayers And Thoughts

April 5, 2011

Every Sunday for many a year while driving home to spend an afternoon with my parents the car radio would be tuned to WGN.  As such the soothing voice of Roy Leonard would carry me along as he spoke about movies, theatre, and the arts.  Roy interviewed all the stars, and had a keen observation about film on the big screen.  He was kind and professional on air, and remains a gentleman as the following proves.

His blog shows that prayers and thoughts are needed for Roy and his wife.

This will be our last blog, as medical problems have surfaced and Sheila’s recovery from that fall and resulting  hematoma  in the brain have not shown the recovery we had hoped for,  just leave  it impossible to continue.  

My poor wife is trying so hard and she does her rehab exercices regularly but the lack of coordination and arthritis has made it very difficult to use her hands and we really have to help her at the table.  Dressing is difficult, but with a little help, she does well.  Walking is tough and we are praying for warm weather so we can get some outdoor exercise time. Memory is still a big problem. Especially, short term. She will recognize pictures from a trip we took years ago, but not remember what I told her an hour ago.  Luckily she knows all her sons and eight grandchildren, reads the papers  and watches the news and PBS specials on TV.  But, she can’t be left alone.

My problems are weird. They can’t seem to find out why I have  lost my appetite and have been losing weight. I’m down from 150 to about 130 and despite  having my daily  Ensure,  making myself eat  and  stuffing  myself with favorites,  I’m never really hungry and food just doesn’t  interest me, although  I do all the cooking and enjoy making meals.  I’ ve  been poked and prodded in  every orifice of the body with a few more test to come.  And I have developed a hernia which needs surgery soon. This is probably more than you needed  or even wanted to know, but those are the facts and I’ll be a full time care giver now,  with a  few comments to make on Face Book,  from time to time.

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  1. April 14, 2011 1:19 PM

    Always enjoyed Roy Leonard! I have high hopes for him and his wife.

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