Gov. Walker Will Next Say “Blame Canada” For Prosser Loss

There are times when it is best to not say anything.  That is true more often than not for politicians who somehow think they need to find a microphone and chat it up.

Such was the case Wednesday when Governor Scott Walker tried to explain what happened across the state on Tuesday when his supreme court candidate lost an election to a little known assistant attorney general.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said the state Supreme Court race was not a referendum on him. 

Walker said Wednesday the election that was too close to call was a choice about two different candidates with different backgrounds. Based on unofficial results, previously unknown JoAnne Kloppenburg led incumbent David Prosser by a razor thin 204 votes.  

Walker said for those who believe the election was a referendum, the votes against Prosser were largely focused in the Madison and Milwaukee. 

Really Governor? 

That is what you took away from this amazing outpouring of voting from Ashland to Jefferson County, from Green Bay to Platteville? 

Are we to believe that Walker does not question his role in explaining the historic voter turnout around the state, or the need to print more ballots in places where they simply ran out of them given the huge voter turn out?

I really hope we have a more introspective Governor than the one who took to the microphone Wednesday.

I strongly suspect that everyone in Wisconsin knows full well what this court race was all about.

It has been abundantly clear for many weeks that Walker and his fellow Republicans in the State Legislature over-reached on the collective bargaining ‘law’.  Not only was the issue not discussed openly in last fall’s election, but once introduced into the legislature this year every slick and under-handed attempt to pass it only deepened the anger felt around the state.

Had there been a trusted advisor near Walker with the gravitas and skills of a Jim Klauser all this may well have shaped up far differently.  But instead of relying on the sage political advice of warriors that have been tested in political battle it seems that Walker likes to go it alone.  Arrogance is a deadly weapon in politics as that is how most self-inflicted wounds happen.

This time Walker not only wounded himself, but helped defeat a sitting court justice, tipped the scales of the county executive in Milwaukee to the Democrats, and also may bring GOP control of the state senate to a series of possible recall elections.

I am sure if asked Walker would not see himself to be a part of the reason this is all happening.  

Based on that we are only one microphone moment away from Walker stating all Republicans should “Blame Canada”,  just like the parents from South Park.

The famed song ends with this line.

We must blame them and cause a fuss
Before somebody thinks of blaming uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!!!!

FOX News Drops Glenn Beck

Oh my….

Lets just face the fact that liberals are having a very good week…and it is only Wednesday.

SAGGING RATINGS, a string of damaging remarks and an exodus of advertisers have combined to end Glenn Beck’s controversial tenure on US cable network Fox News.

The news follows weeks of speculation about Beck’s future, as a campaign to put pressure on advertisers to boycott his daily 5pm slot gathered pace, while Beck himself was embroiled in battles erupting from his often rococo conspiracy theories involving the likes of George Soros and Barack Obama.

David Brock of Media Matters for America, one of Beck’s most vociferous critics, said: “After losing more than 300 advertisers and seeing more than a million viewers abandon his show, the only surprise is that it took Fox News months to reach this decision.” The StopBeck campaign, designed to lobby corporations against advertising on Beck’s show, welcomed the news with a Twitter posting: “VICTORY!”

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz Is A Classy Guy

When all is said and done one thing is clear.

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz is a classy fellow.

While this blog had differences with Mayor Dave over the Edgewater matter, at the end of the day CP endorsed his campaign for reelection as I supported many other goals that he worked for.    As the campaign moved along I felt that Paul Soglin was gaining ground, and correctly predicted the outcome of the race on the morning of Election Day. ( I had predicted less than a 2% margin of victory for Soglin, and it turned out to be 1%.)

While many wish that the vote had been different for Mayor Dave Cieslewicz on Tuesday night we can all be proud of his service to this city.  We can look forward to his continued involvement in city issues as he is a young man (52), and is a policy wonk.  

Dave Cieslewicz is the embodiment of what so much of Madison is all about.  As the Wisconsin State Journal wrote this morning Cieslewicz  is smart, youthful, progressive, funny, and cool. 

I might add he is a book reader.  Yeah, that matters.

Today Mayor Dave wrote this on his blog.

Look, it’s really tough to lose an election, especially when there was so much more that I wanted to do and when the margin was so narrow. But rather than dwelling on what might have been, I need to focus on what still can be, on how I can contribute to our city in other ways. Being a former mayor carries a little bit of weight and I intend to use it for the good of the community.

Mayor Dave is a gentleman, and most important he is a real Madisonian.

CP looks forward to his creative ideas for a better future.

If Only Eileen Bruskewitz Would Have Had More Campaign Cash!

One of the most troubling parting comments from a losing candidate on Tuesday night came from  Eileen Bruskewitz, who was defeated for Dane County Executive.  State Representative Joe Parisi had a nearly 30% margin over the conservative county board supervisor.

When it came time to assess what made her campaign so dreadfully shy of votes on Election Day she offered one explanation.

Bruskewitz said her fundraising was hindered by business owners who fear retribution for donating to a conservative candidate after people boycotted places whose executives donated to Walker, a Republican. 


Am I to understand that if only Bruskewitz could have bankrolled a few more bushels of campaign funds that her conservative rhetoric would have been more easily digestible to the Dane County voter?   Am I to assume she thinks that more TV ads and perhaps a few more slickly made fliers would have allowed people to forget her cozy ties with Scott Walker and the Republican Party?  How much campaign cash would it take for voters to have collective amnesia?

Truth is there was never going to be enough money to put  Bruskewitz into the county executive office.  She was selling what Dane County was not buying.

Instead of looking outward at why she lost perhaps she might question herself.

What made her think that in the midst of a Madison mayoral race she had any chance of seeing daylight in this election cycle in Dane County?  Does she not understand the way electoral math works in Madison and Dane County?

Really, sometimes I wonder about candidates and…..

Wisconsin Has New Supreme Court Justice, JoAnne Kloppenburg Wins Most Votes


Attorney JoAnne Kloppenburg has declared victory over incumbent state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.

According to unofficial results, Kloppenburg had 204 more votes than Prosser. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Kloppenburg had 740,090 votes, or 50.01 percent. Prosser had 739,886 votes, or 49.99 percent. Final results could change and aren’t official until they are canvassed and certified by the Government Accountability Board.

Kloppenburg issued a statement thanking Prosser for his service and vowing to be an impartial judge. Prosser’s campaign didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment on whether he would seek a recount. The latest such a request could be made is April 20.

One Way City Of Madison Could Cut Costs

This is not the cost-saving measure that will solve all of our fiscal woes.  But I do think it speaks to a way of how we should think about doing things in Madison during harder economic times.

Today as I was driving on John Nolen Drive there were some workers placing mulch around the trees in the median.  The mulch is a good idea as it allows water retention, and also beautifies the street.  I am all in favor of mulching!

But the mulch was clearly commercial as it was that rich reddish color, and the work probably contracted out by the city. 

Not a mile from where the workers placed commercial mulch was the city site where christmas trees and other brush is ground into massive piles waiting to be used by residents of the city.  It is from these piles that city trucks distribute mulch to neighborhood parks for citizens to get some for their yards….at no cost.

The City of Madison could just as easily have used the ground free mulch from the city to be placed around the trees on the streets, such as John Nolen.

I can vouch for the city mulch as James and I had three pick-up truck loads unloaded on our driveway for the flower beds about three weeks ago.  We do this every spring.  The rich pine smell makes for positive comments from those that walk by, and I can attest to the lasting quality of it through the fall.

I know that this cost saving idea is but a drop in the fiscal concerns of this city, and yet every dollar counts when Governor Walker is seeking ways to screw Madison.

Jan Swoboda Wins Luxemberg Race

Ever wonder what ex-legislators do after they leave the statehouse?

Ever wonder where their wives/husbands wind up doing, and what happens to them?


Former Representative Lary (not a misspelling) Swoboda’s wife serves in local government in Kewaunee County.  Tuesday she was reelected by the voters.

I worked with Swoboda during the last years of his time in Madison.  Jan was a constant companion to the Democratic lawmaker, and always had an idea or two about government.  Once Lary no longer was elected she became her own person in the political world.

Shades of Hillary…..

Village of Luxemberg 

W-Lyle Jandrin (i) 550
Debra Norton 234

(three seats open)
W-Josh Salentine (i) 553
W-Michael Van Ess 446
W-Janice Swoboda (i) 399
Daniel Olson 367

GOP Should Stop Bashing Planned Parenthood

It has been interesting to watch how the fiscal mess has turned into a culture war, again.   The riders that some conservative Republicans want attached to the spending bill in Washington must be denied. 

A smack down needs to take place.

The reason Planned Parenthood always comes under attack is easy to figure out.  By doing such nonsense the Republicans know they can send a fundraising letter back to their supporters that will raise plenty of cash so they can make more TV ads come the next election cycle.    No one ever stops to think how such games make the whole political process less credible, or how public policy suffers as the result of such mindless gimics.

Bashing funding for Planned Parenthood runs counter to logic.  It runs counter to the needs that exist in the nation for the services offered.  If one is truly against abortion then Planned Parenthood should be fully funded.

PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON statement: “The assault on Planned Parenthood is unjustified. It is penny-wise and pound foolish. The law strictly and clearly prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion services. The Republicans’ elimination of funding for Planned Parenthood, will in the end cost more than it saves by ending the ability of millions of American women to receive family planning services, breast and cervical cancer screenings and preventative healthcare at cost-efficient Planned Parenthood centers. And the denial of simple birth control and family planning services may well increase both the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions in our country.”