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Gov. Walker Will Next Say “Blame Canada” For Prosser Loss

April 6, 2011

There are times when it is best to not say anything.  That is true more often than not for politicians who somehow think they need to find a microphone and chat it up.

Such was the case Wednesday when Governor Scott Walker tried to explain what happened across the state on Tuesday when his supreme court candidate lost an election to a little known assistant attorney general.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said the state Supreme Court race was not a referendum on him. 

Walker said Wednesday the election that was too close to call was a choice about two different candidates with different backgrounds. Based on unofficial results, previously unknown JoAnne Kloppenburg led incumbent David Prosser by a razor thin 204 votes.  

Walker said for those who believe the election was a referendum, the votes against Prosser were largely focused in the Madison and Milwaukee. 

Really Governor? 

That is what you took away from this amazing outpouring of voting from Ashland to Jefferson County, from Green Bay to Platteville? 

Are we to believe that Walker does not question his role in explaining the historic voter turnout around the state, or the need to print more ballots in places where they simply ran out of them given the huge voter turn out?

I really hope we have a more introspective Governor than the one who took to the microphone Wednesday.

I strongly suspect that everyone in Wisconsin knows full well what this court race was all about.

It has been abundantly clear for many weeks that Walker and his fellow Republicans in the State Legislature over-reached on the collective bargaining ‘law’.  Not only was the issue not discussed openly in last fall’s election, but once introduced into the legislature this year every slick and under-handed attempt to pass it only deepened the anger felt around the state.

Had there been a trusted advisor near Walker with the gravitas and skills of a Jim Klauser all this may well have shaped up far differently.  But instead of relying on the sage political advice of warriors that have been tested in political battle it seems that Walker likes to go it alone.  Arrogance is a deadly weapon in politics as that is how most self-inflicted wounds happen.

This time Walker not only wounded himself, but helped defeat a sitting court justice, tipped the scales of the county executive in Milwaukee to the Democrats, and also may bring GOP control of the state senate to a series of possible recall elections.

I am sure if asked Walker would not see himself to be a part of the reason this is all happening.  

Based on that we are only one microphone moment away from Walker stating all Republicans should “Blame Canada”,  just like the parents from South Park.

The famed song ends with this line.

We must blame them and cause a fuss
Before somebody thinks of blaming uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!!!!

  1. Patrick permalink
    April 7, 2011 6:19 PM

    Take Dane or Milwaukee out of the mix and look at the results? Look at the results in those counties where the dems are in the progress of recalling republicans. The majority of them look very safe based on prosser results.

  2. Badger Babe permalink
    April 7, 2011 1:26 PM

    Let’s also remember that Gov. Walker said he “couldn’t think of any other way” to address budget problems in Wisconsin except by trying to bust all state and public employee unions EVEN AFTER RECEIVING THE UNION CONCESSIONS HE ASKED FOR. Walker continues to be an embarrassment. You’ve got to wonder if he actually believes the Big Lies he continues to proffer to the people of Wisconsin — and why he thinks others are as ignorant as he is. Maybe he’ll ACTUALLY end up “blaming Canada” when the majority of state residents move there to get away from him.

  3. Solly permalink
    April 6, 2011 11:35 PM

    I hope this statement gives shivers to the state leg. repugs who cast their lot with this not ready for prime time tinpot. Already Alberta Dumpling and others are trying to create distance between them and his wack ideas. And where was she, and Rob Cowles, and Mike Ellis and Luther Olsen, and yes Dale Schultz when this was coming down? Why didn’t they do a Barry Goldwater and have a meeting in Tricky Scott’s office and say “hey, you’ve got the concessions, don’t tear this state asunder!” The legislators in Maine and Florida have the cojones to do that!

    Well, they’re reaping what they pissed on and fertilized. Why is is that Shrub gets elected by a minority and acts like he has a mandate, and Scott Wanker gets elected with 52% and never mentions busting unions but acts and says he’s got the mandate of the people of Wis. to do it?


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