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Jan Swoboda Wins Luxemberg Race

April 6, 2011

Ever wonder what ex-legislators do after they leave the statehouse?

Ever wonder where their wives/husbands wind up doing, and what happens to them?


Former Representative Lary (not a misspelling) Swoboda’s wife serves in local government in Kewaunee County.  Tuesday she was reelected by the voters.

I worked with Swoboda during the last years of his time in Madison.  Jan was a constant companion to the Democratic lawmaker, and always had an idea or two about government.  Once Lary no longer was elected she became her own person in the political world.

Shades of Hillary…..

Village of Luxemberg 

W-Lyle Jandrin (i) 550
Debra Norton 234

(three seats open)
W-Josh Salentine (i) 553
W-Michael Van Ess 446
W-Janice Swoboda (i) 399
Daniel Olson 367

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