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Brian Deschane Refuses To Work For A Mere $64,728 A Year

April 8, 2011

I will not even comment on this recent story….

Earlier this week I noted the fact Republicans want taxpayers to think they are looking out for how best to use money…..but how Governor Walker handled the Brian Deschane matter blew that idea all to heck.

Now this latest twist to the story….it only underscores why the Brian Deschane story erupted in the manner it did to begin with.  Lets face it some folks are just not ready for prime time.

The embattled son of a prominent lobbyist has resigned from the Walker administration after a controversy over his hiring led to a demotion earlier this week.

A spokesman for Gov. Scott Walker confirmed Thursday that Brian Deschane resigned after the governor took away his $81,500-a-year job with the Department of Commerce.

Deschane, 27, was officially sent back to his old job Wednesday with the Department of Regulation and Licensing, which carries a salary of $64,728 a year. DRL officials said he never showed up.

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said the governor had no comment on Deschane’s resignation. Deschane did not immediately return calls or emails seeking comment.

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