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Government Shutdown: Democrats Need To Stand Firm Against Unreasonable Demands From Republicans

April 8, 2011

The ‘riders’ that are being touted by teabaggers and conservative Republicans as essential components to the budget bill in Washington is nothing short of unreasonable.  The demands to cut Planned Parenthood funding and undermine the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate the Clean Air Act smacks of a continued ideological war that conservatives have on government and society.

Democrats must not cave to these tactics from teabaggers.

If the goal is cutting government spending for fiscal reasons that is one thing.  But to fixate, as conservatives continually do, on the outlying issues that they think they can achieve as part of a bigger package must not be allowed to happen.

This morning Senate Majority Harry Reid laid it out for all to understand…again.

The Democrat, speaking at the Capitol, said that he and President Obama had agreed to accept $38 billion in budget cuts — $5 billion more than was on the table last week.

But, Reid said, Boehner would not budge from a demand that the budget strip federal funding from the group Planned Parenthood. Negotiations continued at the staff level until 3 a.m., to no avail.

“We agreed on a number last night. They can spin this any way they want,” Reid said. “The number’s done.”

The problem, Reid said, were the “riders,” or spending cuts targeting specific programs, that House Republicans wanted included in a deal.

“In the presence of the president of the United States, we went through those that they, the Republicans, felt were most important,” Reid said. “They were all resolved, except the rider dealing with Planned Parenthood.”

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