Donald Trump Is Not Going To Be Presidential Candidate

There is no way that Donald Trump announces for the White House in 2012.

Donald Trump is not prepared to be President of the United States.   He is not even prepared to be a viable candidate in the Republican primaries.  Evidence of that came in a recent outing where Trump made his shortcomings obvious.  CNN reported the outcome this way.

He harshly criticized some Republicans, tailored his speech based on crowd shout-outs, dissed hecklers, used a curse word and recalled how his wife urged him not to be “conceited.”


Given his media savvy qualities it is rather surprising how inept Trump can be out on the hustings.

Had Donald Trump been serious about the White House over the years he would have been cultivating the landscape for his run.  Instead he has allowed for some of the inconsistencies in his past to now make headlines.  Had Trump ever really wanted to run for the White House he would have more artfully handled various issues where he did not have to weigh in, and thereby leave a needless ‘paper trail’ of comments.

Trump did not reiterate his support for 2008’s bank bailout, an act that the Tea Party movement despises. Nor did he discuss his past as a Democrat-turned-Independent-turned-Republican, his reported past leanings in favor of abortion rights and universal health care or his support for and financial contributions to Democrats and Republicans since 1990.

The fact Trump is so unskilled as a politician and candidate came through in his appearance.

After a heckler began to taunt Trump, he mocked and dismissed the person. At various points throughout the speech, members in the crowd shouted out topics they hoped to hear Trump discuss and he obliged them.

As he touted his business bona fides, Trump mentioned how his wife urged him against being “conceited.” And while claiming there were huge writing differences between Obama’s first book, “Dreams From My Father”, and the second, “The Audacity of Hope,” Trump used profanity to say they could not have both been written by Obama.

“The man that wrote the second book … didn’t write the first book,” Trump said. “The difference was like chicken salad and chicken (expletive).”

How very presidential, Mr. Trump.

But maybe not…..

This whole stunt by Donald Trump is one massive ego trip.  And at times a rather nasty one at that.

Nothing more.

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