Sarah Palin Shows Mental Ability In Madison

One paragraph jumped out as the best way to sum up the appearance by Sarah Palin in Madison this weekend.  Palin got paid handsomely for a mere 16 minute speech of pure red meat political claptrap.  What was missing however was any real substance in Palin’s message.

But then there is no real substance to any of the utterances from Palin…ever.  Still this nugget from the Wisconsin State Journal only underscores for all of us the shortcomings of Palin, and would seem to again dash any hopes from her supporters that she might run in 2012.

Palin lit into Obama, calling his financial stimulus package “useless” and several of his initiatives, including “really fast trains” and solar shingles, “cockamamie and harebrained.” She mentioned 2012 repeatedly, at one point saying, “The 2012 election begins here.”

“Really fast trains”?

Did Bristol’s kid write Palin’s remarks?

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