David Prosser Shows Conservative Bent In Declaring Victory

Supreme Court Justice David Prosser says being impartial and basing legal decisions on the law instead of personal or political concerns is a top priority of his while serving on the bench.   Prosser has indicated he has followed that principle in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.  

But the Wisconsin State Journal had an interesting paragraph that followed the words of Prosser about being above the tug and pull of conservatives who wish to see certain outcomes advanced through legal decisions.

As the paper noted, “Moments later, he thanked people he met during the campaign whom he said were committed to advancing conservative values.  He  also thanked the high court’s conservative majority for its support.”

I am not sure Prosser had thought about the choreography of his comments, or how the lack of a segue would make his remarks sound.  For those who listened to his words, or read news stories about his victory statement can not be blamed for thinking their worst fears about David Prosser might be true.

For all those around Wisconsin who wonder about the integrity of the court I have two words to share.

Merit selection.

Now more than ever, it is time to think about a new way to select judges to the high court in Wisconsin.

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