Senator Luther Olsen’s Backers Turn Mean At Press Conference

This is probably not the face of democracy that Senator Luther Olsen is hoping to convey to the voters that are about to have a say on recalling him from office.

This was just plain ugly.

Plainly put there was no reason for supporters of Senator Olsen to be in the room when the announcement of Representatives Fred Clark’s candidacy for State Senate was announced.  That Olsen’s supporters did show up was only for the sake of mischief, which they need to be slapped down for.

Republicans have talked about ‘union thugs’ over the weeks of the collective bargaining dispute.  What in hell do you call those thugs who act on behalf of Luther Olsen?

Tensions were high and one man’s camera was busted in Baraboo on Thursday as supporters of Republican Sen. Luther Olsen — who is facing recall — disrupted a press conference organized by Democrats.

A room in the Baraboo Civic Center — which was rented by Sauk County Democrats — was packed with backers of Rep. Fred Clark, D-Baraboo, who announced his intention to run for Olsen’s Senate seat in the upcoming recall election.

As Sauk County social worker Jill Ellinwood introduced Clark at the podium, a few of Olsen’s supporters forced their way into the packed room and the groups traded insults.

Clark took the podium, and during a pause in Clark’s speech a tussle broke out in the back of the room.

Chuck Goranson of Portage said he was trying to take a picture when one of the Olsen supporters “reached up and grabbed the lens and twisted it.”

The lens on the small handheld camera no longer functions, Goranson said. But he doesn’t plan to file a police report.

Olsen’s campaign spokesman, Jeff Weigand, denied that his group caused a disturbance inside the Civic Center.

One can only wonder if Olsen’s campaign will be more forthcoming and candid with the voters in the recall election than when trying to describe the event on Thursday.

Governor Walker Can Not Be Pleased With Poll Numbers

There is an intensity among the Wisconsin electorate that I have not felt before regarding statewide issues.  We get riled up every four years for presidential elections, and take sides and fight hard.  But when it comes to statewide concerns nothing in my memory reaches the level of rancor and discord like that which has exploded over the proposed end to collective bargaining.  No statewide candidate has generated such white-hot reaction as what Governor Scott Walker has created in only a matter of a few months.

No one can possibly envy his position, or future hurdles that he needs to clear in order to just survive in his term of office.

One thing is clear regardless of where one stands on the issue of collective bargaining, or their view of  Governor Walker.  There is boundless energy and determination to be heard, and to  win.  As with so many areas of national politics, and the personalities involved, Wisconsin is angry and seemingly evenly divided.

So the latest news from the Wisconsin Public Radio findings on how voters feel about Governor Walker can not be seen as anything but a very angry and sour mood has spread across the Badgerland.

The political storm clouds are not dissipating, but only growing darker.

A new poll suggests Wisconsinites would be about evenly split on the question of recalling Gov. Scott Walker. 

The idea of recalling the Republican governor arose during protests over his efforts to remove most collective bargaining rights from most public employees. The question is moot for now, since lawmakers must be in office for one year before they can be recalled. Walker was inaugurated in January. 

Still, if there were a recall election, Thursday’s poll suggests a tight outcome. It said 48 percent would vote to keep Walker in office, while 47 percent would vote to remove him.

What Has Happened To Sarah Palin In Alaska?

What does this mean for Sarah Palin becoming the next President of the United States?

A new Dittman Research poll in Alaska shows Sarah Palin’s favorable rating is upside down at 36% to 61%.

For comparison, the U.S. Senate candidate Palin backed, Joe Miller (R), is even worse off at 18% to 73%. And her arch nemesis, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), is at a sky high approval of 71% to 27%.<!– for IE

Gov. Walker Makes A Political Appointment In Marinette County For Register Of Deeds

Here we go again…

Remember  Brain Deschane?

Well……now there is this story.

Gov. Scott Walker’s pick for the register of deeds office in Marinette County is being called into question.

Walker selected a Republican campaign worker with no experience in land or vital records to head the office, passing over candidates with detailed knowledge of the register of deeds position.Renee Miller began her job as register of deeds Wednesday. Miller has worked on Republican Rep. John Nygren’s campaigns, and he was the only person to recommend her for the job. In contrast, Chief Deputy Register of Deeds Becky Chasensky had 16 letters of recommendation.