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Wisconsin Voters Do Not Agree With Reason Why Gov. Walker Attacked Public Workers

April 22, 2011

Everyone knew it in February.  

Everyone knows it today.

It can come as no shock to anyone in Wisconsin that the raw political power grab by Governor Walker against collective bargaining was not about actually balancing the budget.  No one ever really thought the rationale for the action had anything to do with helping to balance the budget in Wisconsin.  The numbers never added up, and the more Walker and Company tried to explain the reasoning for attacking public workers the deeper they got stuck in the mud. 

What the attack on state and public employees are really all about is nothing more than a naked partisan move by the Republicans to trim the sails of the unions, undermine the Democratic Party, and play to the red-meat conservative base.

How is all that going, Scott?

We all know that it blew up in the face of Gov. Walker who is now going to need luck to stay in office after a recall move which  will be made early next year.  The numbers do not look good.  The poll results also show that  a majority of survey respondents support collective bargaining!

There is now a statewide poll released by Wisconsin Public Radio and St. Norbert College that underscores the mood and mindset of the voters who have been watching Walker and Company operate.

Plainly put the voters are not buying what Walker is trying to sell.

A new poll finds skepticism around Gov. Scott Walker’s stated reason for trying to remove collective bargaining rights for most public employees.

Walker has said the law will help balance the state budget and help local governments absorb deep cuts in state aid.

Wisconsin Public Radio released its poll results Friday. It finds that 57 percent of respondents think the issue was more about decreasing the power of public-sector unions, while 31 percent say it’s about decreasing the budget deficit.

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