Baby Eaglets Removed From Nest After Mother Eagle Killed by Jet

Yesterday the mother eagle that is part of the eagle cam located on the right-hand side of this blog was killed by a jet.

This morning park staff  made a decision on how to handle the three babies in the nest.  The eaglets were removed from the nest this morning by park staff. 

All eaglets on the ground and are in the Car. Steve Living will be driving them to WCV.

One option discussed was to leave them and see if the father could continue to raise them alone. It is possible he could, but it is also very possible he could not continue to provide enough food as they grow and need a higher calorie count. There was a concern it would reach a point of no return and it would be difficult to remove the eaglets. It would present the problem of being too late to remove them for their survival. There is a reason it takes two parents to raise the eaglets.

Another option would be to try to foster them out to other nests. That would require finding three nests with eaglets at the exact right age. There is also the concern the foster parents may reject these eaglets.

The final option was to take the to the Wildlife Center of Virginia, where they will be cared for until they are old enough to take care of themsleves and be released to the wild

We all want what is best for the male. We have to remember that it would be a long time stress for him to raise and train all three eaglets on his own. Although this is very sad now and our hearts are breaking, he can now mourn and go on with his life, feeding himself, staying healthy so he can eventually begin searching for another mate.

We really have no way of knowing what the male will do at this time. I expect he will return to the nest at times and eventually will carry on. He will eventually seek out a new mate – as the female did when she lost her previous mate.

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