Video: Male Eagle Returns To Nest After Eaglets Removed, Female Eagle Killed

There is no way not to cry over this video.  I will just leave it at that.   The male eagle had brought a fish back to help feed the eaglets.  He is standing on it in the nest.  Though this video does not show it he will carry the fish out of the nest and fly away.

For the past weeks these eagles have been a part of this blog.  From the laying of an egg, to three eggs, the hatching, to the feedings, and banding….these little guys and their parents have brought lots of joy to this blog.

On Tuesday the mother eagle was killed by a jet.

On Wednesday the three eaglets were removed for the best interests of the young ones, as well as the stress level of the adult male.  The amount of food that would be required as the eaglets increased in size, the hunting involved to match the caloric intake required for growth, and the protection that the eaglets would require all would have added a great amount of stress for the surviving parent.

Today the male eagle returns to the nest and must have wondered what made the world turn upside down.

There is just no way not to cry.

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