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David Prosser Unable To Recall If He Was At The Governor’s Office After Election

April 28, 2011

One can be forgiven if unable to recall what was consumed for breakfast last Thursday.  But I suspect one might recall a visit that took place at the Governor’s office.


Well, actually no.

No, that is if you are Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.

In an interview with WKOW27 News,  state supreme court justice David Prosser denied meeting with Governor Walker the day after voters decided between Prosser and challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg in a hotly-contested race,  but said it was possible he was at the governor’s office.

How does one handle the reams of paperwork on the high bench, and recall odd bits of law and nuances of legal strategy but then claim not to know if  a visit to the Governor’s office took place!

And might I add a visit at a very critical moment following a massive voter turnout that resulted in a razor-thin difference in the outcome at the time the Prosser visit occurred.  A meeting that took place a day  before thousands of votes turned up in his favor.

I am not suggesting anything….just making a point of  fact.

Are we the idiots for wondering this question, or is Prosser trying to be too cute by half.

I think it only proper that we now ask, and demand answers to the following questions.

Who on the governor’s staff did  Prosser meet with?” 

What contact did Prosser or anyone on his staff have with Walker, or anyone on Walker’s staff?

If I were more snarky I might ask if anyone had a black marker and unmarked ballots.

“It is conceivable that during that week,  I stopped down to the governor’s office,”   Prosser told WKOW27 News

Prosser told WKOW27 News any visit would have been to request gubernatorial mementoes for visiting international students.

In a sworn complaint to the government accountability board seeking a special investigation into Nickolaus’ handling of the vote,  Kloppenburg campaign manager Melissa Mulliken alleged “…Justice Prosser was observed entering the Governor’s Office late in the evening and attending a private,  on (sic) -on-one meeting with Governor Scott Walker”  on the night after the April 5 election.   Mulliken also quotes Walker from that day suggesting votes may turn up “out of the blue.”

“I certainly never went beyond the reception person,”   Prosser told WKOW27 News about his possible presence in the governor’s office.

“I never met with the governor personally in his office.”

One might note by the time the interview concludes Prosser seems more certain that he was indeeed at the Governor’s office.

Really…too cute by half.

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