Madison’s Mifflin Street Party Fills Detox Center

There is no way that anyone can be proud of the news tonight from the booze fest, better known as the Mifflin Street Party, that is taking placing on Madison’s isthmus.  Madison’s newly elected Mayor Paul Soglin should be the last one smiling about this news in light of his remarks about the new approach to the party he termed as an “improved effort”.

Joel DeSpain, Public Information Officer for the Madison Police Department told WISC-TV that the detox center was filling as the result of the party.  That should concern everyone.  Parents, city residents, taxpayers.  Mayor Soglin.

Lets be honest about what is happening today.

This is nothing more than a reason to drink to pure excess.  I understand this is Wisconsin, and somehow that is supposed to make it all more palatable when hearing about. 

But not here at CP.

This is not something we should watch unfold and smile about.  Filling the detox center as a result of young people drinking to excess is more proof that we have a problem in our society with alcohol.

That anyone reading this blog could walk down to the event and ask those attending why the Mifflin Street event started decades ago, and get no accurate response from those chugging away, speaks volumes about is happening today.  The party began as a celebration of activism against the Vietnam War in 1969.

I strongly opposed the lifting of the ban on open alcoholic beverages in the streets within the event zone for the party this year.  That’s a big change from past years, when police had been ticketing people who had open containers of alcohol anywhere off private property. Anything that encourages more alcohol consumption at this event should be discouraged.

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin thought the new ideas for more music and fun was a grand idea for this year’s event.

“Just when we thought there were no new ways of having a block party, we’ve found a new way,” Soglin said. “This is a rather different and much improved effort to celebrate spring.”

“Celebrate spring”!


Filling the detox center is just not the way I envision celebrating spring!

Call me whatever you wish, but there is a serious problem with alcohol in this state, and what we are witnessing today in Madison is proof of that.

While I applaud Soglin’s efforts to curb poverty in the city I hope he might find an interest in curbing excessive drinking too.

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