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Teabaggers Give Standing Ovation To Donald Trump Saying “F…. You”

April 30, 2011

This post will be short and directly to the point.

I am so very tired of the lowest common denominator setting the standards for this county.  This has been one of my themes of life for decades.  I am just sick of stupid people with no sense of decorum making news.   

When it comes to the lowest common denominator over the past two years it has been the teabaggers who have set new lows for behavior.  I thought they could not surprise me anymore with their actions after I saw one of their kind spit on a black member of congress.

I was wrong.

When I witnessed Donald Trump in a speech (on video) saying “f…. you” not once, but repeatedly, to a Las Vegas group of teabaggers two things came to mind.

First, I am appalled at the level of political discourse that our country has come to, and second I am absolutely sickened that these three-thumbers all stood and applauded the use of this word in a political speech.  Would anyone over the age of 50 have ever thought we would hear a potential presidential candidate say something like this to a public gathering?   To me this is mind-numbing.  

As a side note I just finished “1912” and can assure my readers that Taft, Debbs, Wilson, and Roosevelt never once uttered such clap-trap on the campaign trail.   But then again these were serious men with sound education. and a higher purpose in mind than what Donald Trump offers. 

Some wonder why I use the term teabagger for these people who attend such gatherings, or act in such ways.  After the video of Trump speaking in the fashion he did, along with the way the audience reacted, I use the term teabagger because these people deserve no better.

Once again teabaggers have demonstrated they are ignorant, can be easily led as evidenced by how Donald Trump uses them, are boorish, and not aware of how they are presenting themselves to others who look in and see what they really are like.

Teabaggers equal the lowest common denominator.

(And no the video will never be placed on this blog!)

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  1. Robbin Harper permalink
    May 1, 2011 9:24 PM

    Yes, the lowest common denominator and mind-numbingly stupid. When even jackasses like Bill O’Reilly are openly stating that Trump’s lunatic, delusional approach to foreign affairs would lead to World War III (a conclusion that would be reached by any second grader) there’s trouble in River City. The scary thing is there are lots of stupid gullible people (in both parties) who might buy into his “easy solutions” that are delusional and dangerous. It’s time to stop laughing. Dangerous leaders have come into power in the past and can again. Those who promise easy answers and rile up the egos of the small-minded with talk about glory/respect for their nation are the truly dangerous ones. Trump 2012 is such a horrible prospect for our country and the world. Wake up people.

    So O’Reilly (even numb nuts Glenn Beck is disgusted and laughing at Trumps lunatic “ideas” about foreign policy) has the sense to say that Trump’s approach to foreign affairs would cause World War III… but the idiot goes on to say that Trump MUST know this, and concludes that he is therefore saying these things to be provocative… as part of a grand strategy. And he somehow finds this acceptable. The Republican party is a whole lot crazier than we thought.

    You tube video “Donald Trump Closer to Running for President?? – FOX O’Reilly 04-20-2011” is just one source of the insanity.

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