US Says Killing Osama Bin Laden Was Lawful

This aspect of the killing of Osama bin Laden is fascinating.  Makes one want to have a specialized lawyer steeped in international law as an in-law and have them over for coffee and conversation.

US Attorney General Eric Holder has said that al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was a lawful military target.

He told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Bin Laden had made no attempt to surrender, and his killing was “an act of national self-defence”.

The US has acknowledged that Bin Laden was unarmed when he was shot dead in Monday’s raid by US Navy Seals in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Critics have raised concerns about the legality of the operation.

“If he had surrendered, attempted to surrender, I think we should obviously have accepted that, but there was no indication that he wanted to do that and therefore his killing was appropriate,” said Mr Holder, reports Reuters news agency.

4 thoughts on “US Says Killing Osama Bin Laden Was Lawful

  1. Patrick

    At least we have put to rest so much of the pacifist B.S. which was really about Bush and not about national security–at least on the left. Today we have regular raids and drone attacks in Pakistan (with mystical congressional authorization), bombing in Lybia (where the blood oil is), wars in Iraq and Afganistan. I’m glad that the left is no longer bothered by these things, and they shouldn’t be. My suspicion is that the left is not really pacifist, only leftist. I’m proud that Obama took action to kill Bin Laden, but I’m happier that the left has come to its senses.


  3. Dale

    Lawful? Ha!

    There is no such thing except perhaps execution after a trial by one’s peers.

    Of course it was not lawful and it should not be so. And yet, it is necessary from time to time to kill bad people who kill good people.

    We call that justice.

  4. rajend naidu

    Eric Holder the US Attorney General can’t be the judge of his own cause. But he seeks to do just that by proclaiming the killing lawful. It’s the jurisdiction of an independent and competent court of law to make that determination. That’s probably when the UN has asked for details of this killing.

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