Cover Design Revealed: Levi Johnston Has Fun With Book That Will Expose Sarah Palin

I thought at first the Onion had done the work for the cover of this book by Levi Johnston.  But when I searched Amazon and found this is for real.  This is not the way I would have approached the project, but then Levi is Levi.  Having said that I bet there will be pages in the book that will make Sarah Palin squirm right out of her tramp-like boots.

Here’s the cover to Levi Johnston’s new book, “Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs.” You can pre-order the book on Amazon, which describes the literary masterpiece as this:

“Levi Johnston sets out to clear his name, shed light on the Palins, and take us all up to Wasilla to see what it is like to grow up in Alaska.”

Donald Trump Finally Talks About His Hair “Do I Comb It Forward? No, I Don’t Comb It Forward”

Well this sums up all the interest I ever had in Donald Trump.

For one thing, he goes to bed late, gets up early, usually wearing only “the undies,” as he calls them, never “the formality” of pajamas, brushes his teeth first, takes a leak second, and only then steps into the shower, his hand reaching out through the steam to grab the shampoo and lather up that hair of his that has received so much attention over the years. How does he do it?

He steeples his fingers, purses his lips and launches right into it like it was some kind of major policy issue. “OK, what I do is, wash it with Head and Shoulders. I don’t dry it, though. I let it dry by itself. It takes about an hour. Then I read papers and things. This morning I read in the New York Post about Jerry Seinfeld backing out of his commitment to do a benefit for my son Eric’s charity. I’ve never been a big fan of Jerry Seinfeld — never dug him, in the true sense — but when I did The Marriage Ref, which was his show and a total disaster, I did him a big favor. Then he did this. It’s a disgrace.” He goes on, “I also watch TV. I love Fox, I like Morning Joe, I like that the Today show did a beautiful piece on me yesterday — I mean, relatively speaking. OK, so I’ve done all that. I then comb my hair. Yes, I do use a comb.” He pauses, frowning, casting his mind back to capture the details of the event. “Do I comb it forward? No, I don’t comb it forward.” He pushes the leading edge of the flying wing of his hair back, to show where the hairline is. “I actually don’t have a bad hairline. When you think about it, it’s not bad. I mean, I get a lot of credit for comb-overs. But it’s not really a comb-over. It’s sort of a little bit forward and back. I’ve combed it the same way for years. Same thing, every time.”

Minnesota Likely To Vote On Gay Marriage Amendment In 2012

This bites, and is unfair.

No other group has ever had their civil rights placed before the voters in a referendum.  But the right-wing think they have license to practice bigotry openly against gay people.  I have argued often on this blog about how ridiculous and demeaning it is to have to convince enough average voters to do the right thing regarding equality and civil rights.  No one else had to do it this way.  If the inter-racial marriage matter had been up for a vote in each state can any one of my readers tell me how that might have fared?   The only thing left to do is fight like hell, and not let the conservatives have an inch.   I know the tide of history is on my side, and the conservative do too, but until there is an all-out victory these types of battles will be waged, and we must react with all the vigor and determination we can mount.  

The state Senate on Wednesday approved a statewide vote in 2012 on a gay-marriage ban in the Minnesota Constitution, pushing forward what’s expected to be a contentious debate over the definition of legal unions.

The Senate voted 38-27 in favor of the marriage amendment, with one Democrat joining all Republicans in support. The state House is expected to vote on the issue soon, and passage is likely in the Republican-led chamber.

But Sen. Scott Dibble, the Minneapolis Democrat who is the Senate’s only openly gay member, said that was not sufficient to gay Minnesotans who are seeking simple fairness. He challenged Republican colleagues to cite examples of ways in which gay relationships threaten more traditional families.

“What’s so different about us?” Mr. Dibble asked as he held up a picture of himself and his partner. “What’s such a problem? The truth about our relationship is we work hard every single day at our jobs. We’ve been there for each other. We made a lifetime commitment based in love, a commitment and a promise made in front of our families and made in front of God.”

Sen. Ron Latz (DFL, St. Louis Park) pointed out that many Fortune 500 companies, including several in Minnesota, now use domestic partner benefits and other inclusive policies to attract employees. He said by pushing the constitutional ban, Republicans are contradicting their party’s message that attracting and keeping jobs is the top priority of the current legislative session.

“This would send a strong message, and precisely the wrong message, to potential employees around the world that Minnesota is not a welcoming place to do business and bring your families,” Mr. Latz said.

Liberals Should Be Upset By Rapper Common’s White House Invite Too

I really do not talk much about rap music on this blog. 

I admit to not finding it anywhere near my interest level,  and to be honest I can not even refer to it as music.  Call it being too old, or lack of awareness but I am at a loss for words when rap blares out at me from a car while parked at an intersection, or spun off at awards shows as worthy of praise.

Tonight however I need to weigh in on this blog and comment on the rapper Common, and his invite to the White House.

An evening of poetry is slated and Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., better known as Common, will be one of those on hand to give voice with other poets, musicians, and students.  

I am not pleased.

I looked back on this blog and found the one time I did post on rap was April 2007.  I commented that rap had to evolve.

I wrote, “Like many Americans I find the language used in much of rap music to be offensive.  The idea that music should be laced with so much violence and foul language runs counter to my notion of music and civility. “

I concluded by terming rap as “rancid”.

Granted, it need not be that way, but too often that is exactly what it is.

Now that may place me way out on the other side of where people view this ‘art-form’ but I suspect that many, if not the majority will agree that someone who spews violence in his work, and uses the ‘n’ word, and glorifies the use of an uzi might not be the best ‘poet’ to have at the White House.  If one degrades women and thinks that is an art-form…well…..I just really disagree.  If one has anti-gay references in his lyrics to the point that he needs to admit they must cease being used…..what does that say?  Should we all applaud his new-found sense of common-sense, or instead ask what was the character of his heart when he used the lyrics in the first place?

Just asking.

I know there will  be those who will somehow inject censorship into the storyline had rapper Common not been invited, or better yet uninvited.  To them I say there is nothing wrong about disallowing one who has made very violent statements from entering the White House as a glorified entertainer.

After all, an invite to the White House is quite an honor, and it should not be given to someone whose sense of values includes the line “ “tell the law, my Uzi weighs a ton”.

That is not a message I want to hear anywhere.

I do not want kids hearing that crap in their headphones.

And I certainly do not want someone who creates such stuff having time at the White House in the way Common will tonight.

Hopefully, I will not need to write about rap for another four years!

Can Wisconsin Native Callista Gingrich Overcome Image Of Homewrecker To Newt Gingrich?

Today former House Speaker Newt Gingrich announced via Twitter that he is seeking the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.  With that action he becomes the first of the serious contenders to formally announce his candidacy.

The question many have tonight is how Gingrich’s past lifestyle will match up with conservative Republicans who will decide the presidential nominee.  With Gingrich’s skirt-chasing past can he be a real contender when the primaries start and conservatives head to the polls?  Or are conservatives able to swallow some bile and vote for all that Gingrich represents?

In addition, can Callista Bisek Gingrich, who is 22 years younger than her husband, and was raised in Whitehall, Wisconsin be an asset to her husband?   After all Callista Bisek  is best remembered for the six-year affair that contributed to her husband’s political downfall.  Not everyone who dates an older married man and then allows for that to lead to a divorce is considered First Lady material.

Or do modern conservatives now see that lifestyle as a political plus?

CP will be watching.

Pollen-Makers Create Nice Artwork

One of those intense and wonderful thunderstorms splashed Madison with lots of rain (3/4ths of an inch here) and lots of lightning and claps of thunder shortly after 1:00 P.M. today.  In its wake there were some greats sights to see, such as the streets downtown that were flooded. James and I were caught in the car and found driving at times adventuresome.   But perhaps the most impressive thing to see were the flowering parts of the maple trees that were loosened by the downpour and arrayed on the streets and sidewalks.

One of the flowering parts of a maple looks like this.

Add something like several thousands and a driveway looks as if it is being overtaken by alien life-forms.  Imagine if they were crawling…….towards the house…..

But the same pollen-makers can also allow for a sidewalk to take on a cozy atmosphere.

Thuy Pham-Remmele Poster Child For How Not To Act Once Elected To Office

With Mayor Soglin now in charge of Madison government, and the city council trying to find the best way to work with him, comes time to reflect on how not to act (or react) when trying to make a difference once elected.

Which brings me quickly to former Ald. Thuy Pham-Remmele. 

There is no doubt that there were legitimate issues that Pham-Remmele was deeply concerned about, and worked at to effect change.  But the way she went about her job as an alder was most troubling, and at times embarrassing and just painful to watch.

Today in the newspaper her husband, David, wrote a letter to the editor and tried to paint the former alder in a nice light.  The last line to the letter was a quote from his wife.  “I’m like a porcupine, cute and petite, but don’t sit on me!”

True enough.

It is one thing, however, to be tough-minded and assertive.

It is another thing to just be a pain in the ass.

Also in the today’s paper was an interview  Ald. Lauren Cnare who is the new president of Madison’s City Council.  She offered some insight and advice on how to get along with others, given the antics that Pham-Remmele played at council meetings over the past years.

CT: What are your impressions of the new council? Any troublemakers?

LC: Oddly enough, no. I think we need to speak frankly about our last council. We had an outlier on the council (Ald. Thuy Pham-Remmele). It didn’t work well for that person and it didn’t work well for us. Depending on your point of view, we either looked like we were mean to her or she was mean to us. I don’t want that to happen. I’m going to make darned sure that nobody gets marginalized. If behavior is inappropriate for lack of training, we should be able to provide our colleagues with training and coaching that says, “Here’s the way we do it and here’s why we do it and if you do it this way, things will work better for you.”