Time For Russ Feingold To Plan Another Senate Campaign

Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl is leaving the political arena.  Kohl announced that he will not run for another term in the senate.  Meanwhile  liberals need to start the hunt for a state-wide powerhouse of a candidate that can win in 2012, and stop the Republicans in the Badger State.

The search for a most credible candidate is easy, and comes down to one name.

Russ Feingold.

In Wisconsin we have witnessed the corporate-cozy, union-busting, heartless, and mean-spirited Republicans over the past five months, while in Washington the simple-minded Medicare slashing and culture warriors of the  GOP went on a rampage.  Given the political climate that the Republicans have created there is no way that a full-throated campaign from a strong progressive like Feingold could not produce a win for Democrats.  Wisconsin is ready for a Democrat with values that rises above the clatter that passes for thoughtful policy from the other side of the aisle.

There is however one thing we must come to terms with.

Feingold did not run the best campaign last year against Ron Johnson, and needs to fully understand that all hands on deck will be required to win in a presidential election year.  But I strongly think Russ can do it, if he wants to.

I admire and respect Russ and know he has the ability to enter this race and score one for the Democratic Party.  If Congressman Paul Ryan wants to enter the senate race and battle it out over slashing Medicare I suspect Feingold will have some combative words to counter with on the  issue.

For now we just need to wait and let the usual political niceties play out with tepid words.  It will not be long….it can’t be long….before a senate race must start if we are to win in 2012.

“Running for office in 2012 is not something Russ is eager to do or has been planning to do. He is very committed to his current projects — teaching law at Marquette University Law School, Progressives United, and writing a book about American foreign policy. He will come to a decision, in the coming months, after consulting with family and friends and people in Wisconsin.”

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