Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Pitbulls

More and more is surfacing about the way Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to avoid bad press that would have upended his marriage, and political life.  No one can be surprised another Republican, one that belongs to the party of ‘family values’, has such a checkered past.  If you listen to FAUX News,however, it is only the liberals with colorful histories.  Not only has Schwarzenegger real baggage, but it is interesting to think about those who once wanted to change the U.S. Constitution so Arnold could run for President.  I am assuming those folks do not recall they once considered such a thing…..

Schwarzenegger’s reputation as a womanizer was well known before the Los Angeles Times broke the news Monday night that he had fathered a child with a household staffer more than a decade ago. Over the years, scores of women had come forward claiming that Schwarzenegger had behaved in a way that was predatory to them. From time to time, rumors of an out-of-wedlock child made their way into print. But no one could really prove the allegations, and his wife Maria Shriver was a beacon of support for her husband.

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger apparently went to great lengths to minimize the damage his sexual behavior could cost his career and his marriage. And, it seems, there was much to hide. A well-placed source who worked with Schwarzenegger during the filming of 1999’s End of Days told The Daily Beast that two different women on the film were talked out of filing charges against Schwarzenegger for groping them in a rough manner. Reached Tuesday night, a spokesman for Schwarzenegger declined to comment, saying he wanted to be respectful of the family’s request for privacy. A message requesting comment from Shriver’s rep wasn’t returned.

For many years, Schwarzenegger employed pit-bull attorney Marty Singer—whose legal threats to journalists are the stuff of legend—to stamp out negative stories and discredit women who claimed he’d misbehaved in front of them. Even Anthony Pellicano, the disgraced private investigator currently serving a 15-year sentence for wiretapping, racketeering, and wire fraud, reportedly worked on Schwarzenegger’s behalf for a time, sifting through his client’s own trash to suss out potential enemies.

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