Wisconsin Republicans On Joint Finance Endanger Women’s Health With Party-Line Vote

Do  Wisconsin Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee just pick and chose which parts of the modern era that wish to reside in?   In other words do they still opt for their BlackBerry and GPS units at the same time they are consigning women to the back of the bus when it comes to reproductive health care?  Do these elected Republicans really scorn the level of modernity over women’s health rights  that most of their fellow citizens endorse, and very much enjoy?

It was hard to watch the Planned Parenthood issue get debated in Joint Finance. I have no need to care about conservative constituencies, and certainly no need to wonder if a teabagger is lurking to challenge me come the next election.  Yet I wondered why there was a complete lack of awareness among the elected Republicans about the needs, and yes the RIGHTS of women when it comes to reproductive health issues.  

When it was over by a party-line vote of 12-4 about $1 million a year had been cut in family planning funding to Planned Parenthood. This was not a good outcome for the state, or for the women these Republicans claim to honor and represent every election cycle.

The damming consequences of the amendment that passed would disallow any abortion providers in Wisconsin, or those affiliated with those that perform abortions or even just make referrals, from receiving a state grant targeted for women’s health programs.  In other words funding for women’s health services such as cervical cancer screening,  annual exams, or even birth control that is provided by agencies such as Planned Parenthood would be eliminated.  The reason is that even if an agency talks about abortion as an option, but the procedure is not actually performed by that agency, funding to that agency would still be eliminated.     

That is just plain crazy!

That low-income women in rural districts without health care might not have other options than visiting Planned Parenthood or a similar agency for exams seemed lost on the Republicans.  Since the GOP seems averse to national health care I wonder what solutions they favor and are willing to pay for so all women can have their medical needs met?

The average citizen in Wisconsin understands that it is not acceptable for some to still think there is a right to snoop into the private places and dictate what a woman should do with her body.  This is 2011, and yet in the Joint Finance room Wednesday I am sure some of the audience were checking their calendars just to be sure.  The debate that was underway makes me wonder how someone elected to office can still be so woefully misguided and uneducated about basic issues impacting women.

One of the other aspects to the measure that passed prohibits men from receiving family planning services through a state program!  I have no idea why this makes sense to Republicans.  Yet it passed.  I would think the more accurate and timely information that an agency could provide would only allow for people to make better choices.  Those wiser decisions impact all of society in a number of ways from preventing the spread of STD’s to lowering the number of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies.

At the end of the day one questions lingers.

Just what happens to make an otherwise seemingly intelligent legislator come to view Planned Parenthood as the boogeyman?

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin Republicans On Joint Finance Endanger Women’s Health With Party-Line Vote

  1. Annie K.

    It also boggles the mind how Kathleen Vinehout, as a woman, a supposed “progressive”, and a Democrat that was carried by a wave of strong UW-EC student activism since her campaign manager was actually a UW-EC student the first go around and he really went all out to deliver the student vote (and she knew that he would)
    and then when she is elected, and on committee she single-handedly kills a bill before it gets to the floor, that would stop Pharmacists and pharmacy workers from refusing women BIRTH CONTROL PILLS when they have presented a prescription. To disobey doctor’s orders, getting BETWEEN a Patient and a Physician!!!!

    Her generous “compromise” was that the Pharmacist be required ONLY to hand the prescription BACK to the woman. In other words. not to destroy it. Which apparently she thought might even be reasonable as well or why even mention that as a “solution”

    And why she is seen as a “hero” by the party today (because Doyle toadies wanted her in for reasons of their own which didn’t work out at all did it)
    when she had a record of heartily praising the same LaCrosse Bishop who denied Dave Obey communion because he DID vote to uphold women’s rights. And that was long before she campaigned, and knowingly ignored by the party (see above) so it was not a total surprise that she might vote/act as a shill for the Pope.

    yeah. These politicians in the REPUBLICAN PARTY. They make no sense. Or they DO make sense. Republicans think the law is wrong and are working to undermine and change it. Openly. They are not under-cutting their own party after having campaigned on lies told directly to the Planned Parenthood organization itself, just to get their endorsement and donations. Lie to get the power and money. Yeah I’m saying it,. it’s true, let her deny.
    She won’t, she can’t. If she tries it’s just spin and lies. But, people are supposed to “forget” because that was all ancient history. Then we should also “forget” the civil rights act of 1964 as Ron Paul suggests, since it also is “ancient history”.
    Women worked too hard for reproductive rights, and now people like this think they are doing “God’s Work” when they undermine .
    How Democrat Senator and “Fab 14 Hero” Kathleen Vinehout dares look another woman in the eye is beyond me. And some of us will NEVER FORGET.
    She stabbed Planned parenthood as a Democrat before it was this fashionable. Whatta ground-breaker. Now the party and the electorate can just wait to see if, when she knows she won’t be “coming back again”, if she gives a final stab and does a big switcheroo and votes “with her conscience” like Russ Decker gave HIS parting shot. It’s all so nice.
    And I wonder how she feels about same sex relationships. Hmmm, I wonder….let’s ask the Pope.

  2. Natasha Chart

    Seems fairly obvious that they don’t want women to have rights, and if that means flat out denying healthcare, they don’t really care.

    They obviously believe that it’s worse for a woman to have sex without negative consequences than for her to wind up sick, in poverty, maimed or dead. Because when you point out that this is what happens when women are denied control over their own reproduction, they don’t offer any workable amelioration strategies. Their mouths say they care, their actions and policies speak a different language.

  3. Dave Senft

    If you truly want to know why so many people are opposed to our tax money going to Planned Parenthood, I invite each of you to read “Unplanned” by Abbey Johnson. The book is a quick read and won’t take much of your time.

    Abbey started as a volunteer for Planned Parenthood when she was in college. She worked her way up the organization until she became director of a clinic in Texas. Abbey counseled countless women that the “mass of fetal tissue” will feel nothing during the procedure. Then one day she was asked to assist on an ultrasound-assisted abortion.
    Abbey held the monitor so the doctor and she could see the 12 weeks gestastional aged fetus. As the probe touched the baby, it lurched to get out of the way. Several times it got pierced, each time writhing until it was positioned properly. The doctor then said “Beam me up Scotty” and sucked the little child into lifelessness.

    That was chapter one. Later chapters talk about the money issues and how, in spite of their public insistance to the contrary, quotas are established. Read the book. Truly hear BOTH sides of the debate.

  4. Patrick

    Having been to Planned Parenthood’s website, I can’t see how they provide much service to “That low-income women in rural districts without health care might not have other options than visiting Planned Parenthood or a similar agency for exams.” Will one day in Portage be missed? Does that count as rural?

    You wonder what makes the legislators turn on abortion mills? Read about Philidelphia. Watch the Youtube videos of the planned parenthood clinic director advising the pimp about how to get abortions for exploited children.

    If you think planned parenthood and other abortion mills are so great, why not make a donation? Why not put out a bucket at the next rally in Madison? IF it is really these other services you are concerned about, why not urge planned parenthood to stop providing abortions?

  5. I trust women enough to make their own choices in consultations with a doctor. I also know that there has never been a time from the start of history where women were not treated as if they needed protection, and not able to make choices for themselves. A majority of citizens, and also a healthy segment even of the Republican Party understand that women need to control their own reproductive health care. Meanwhile conservatives, and mostly men, want to control those choices, and also as evidenced this week, even control birth control information. So they hate abortions and the need for them on the one hand, and also do not like birth control on the other hand. What it comes down to is the old argument….if you can control ones sexual life you can just plain control a person, period. I always encourage those who wish to deprive women their rights to speak loud and often, as that helps alert the rest of the electorate what is needed to done come election cycles. If you think what transpired this week is good policy or good politics…enjoy this time. Let me know what you think in about 18 monhts.

  6. Dave Senft

    I also trust women to make decisions for themselves. It’s Planned Parenthood who doesn’t. Otherwise they would put the facts on the table and let the women decide. They would tell her that before and since the passage of Roe V. Wade, science has defined life as “when seed meets egg.” Therefore an abortion is taking a human life. a human embryo or fetus. Tell her that once the nerves are formed that human life can feel pain. Show her a picture of that “mass of fetal tissue” and how it looks coincidentally like fingers, toes, head and eyes. Make sure she is aware of the potential emotianal and physical stress she might go through for the rest of her life. Let her know how and where that embryo or fetus’ body parts will be disposed.

    When it comes to that unborn child, he can’t speak for himself. When he screams in agony from the burning and ripping of body parts, we can’t hear him. He can’t make these decisions for himself. We have to be their voice.

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