Michele Bachmann Needs To Read Deeper Books

Michele Bachman is a light-weight.  Perhaps even more so than we had once thought.

I do not go out of my way to discover the latest comings and goings of Michele Bachman.  But I just had to stop and pay attention when I saw a blog post about the books that Bachmann is reading as she contemplates running (cough, cough) for the White House.  I always enjoy learning what the newsmakers are reading.  But I can assure you Bachman’s reading habits do not in any way lift her image in my mind of an expansive or curious mind.  Quite the opposite, in fact.

“The Politician”, a book written by a former John Edwards staffer is not the read that I would suspect a presidential contender would lean towards.  While “Game Change” co-authored by Mark Halperin is well written, and contains interesting insights into the 2008 election,  I really wonder why this type of book would intellectually challenge a would-be presidential candidate.

If presidential candidates are to be geared towards lifting the sails of the American public how then does the dirty laundry of John Edwards play into the Bachmann playbook?

But indeed that was one Bachmann’s examples of what she is beefing up on in order to see if she should mount a gamble with the voters.

Upon reading this I spun my chair around in the den and came across two reads on my shelves that speak to leadership and large thematic issues that I suspect would better serve the Congresswoman as she (cough, cough) ponders a run.

First the brilliant and much acclaimed “Lincoln” by David Herbert Donald which showcases the role that strong leadership plays in our national story, along with the need to keep principles front and center.  When President Clinton was asked in one of his last interviews prior to leaving the White House which book he would recommend George Bush read, it was the classic by Donald.

The second book would be “The World Is Flat’ by Thomas Friedman as it shines a light on the power of  globalization.  It is one of those huge and unwieldly issues that confronts leaders now more than ever.  However, since Bachmann has not shown any sign of real leadership I guess it is OK that she is not reading either of my selections.

But to make this post end on a lighter note let me state I have never considered Bachmann a reader at any level, so perhaps I should just be pleased she is reading something.

Maybe soon Michele Bachman   will be reading “three Shakespeares” like President Bush.

2 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann Needs To Read Deeper Books

  1. billington williams

    Michele has one “L”, not two (Alinka take note). Many fools are underestimating her because of her earlier and unfornate “Palin” like flame throwing antics. It is obvious to all that Palin is a complete idiot. On the other hand, Michele Bachmann is shape as a tack, and those who underestimate her do so at their peril and may end up eating crow. Bachmann in the past was a democrat who supported Jimmy Carter. That was back when both parties were open to those with differing views about abortion. Now one’s view on that issue supposedly determines which political party they should be locked into. That should not be.
    As one who voted for Obama last time around, I am now supporting Michele Bachmann in hopes that the shiftless windbag Obama is a one-termer.

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